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I started DeVry in 2007. I attended the undergrad program for 1 year. I transferred in a a lot credits from a community college, so I was able to finish up at DeVry in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Managment. That one year of attendance cost me $24,687.00. I attended the graduate school from 2008 to 2011. I was able to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource... Read more

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I attended DeVry University from 2009/ 2011, took out student loans that were held on to for months, because my debt balance was being covered by VOC-REHAB Veterans program. When the next semester started instead of dispersing funds, they applied funds to the post debt. This went on until they put a hold on my account to register, which they conveniently sign me up.for a private student loan... Read more

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What is devry being investigated for?what lawsuit are being filed? Add comment

This school has rail roaded lost of their students in this way charging you for books and leaving you with owing them money and not allowing u to get your transcripts This sad thst they are allowed to play with people's lively hood.. Add comment

I had the same issue spoke with several different finaid officers who I told them they were over paying me the swore up and down they were not i was on the phone several hours and i was assured i was over reacting and mind you over two people are telling me they are right and how wrong i am. Now i owe them for the over payment i can't go finish school because they are holding my transcripts so i... Read more

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I attended DeVry University during my active duty. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2013. I now attend Keller Graduate School of Management for my MBA. I have had nothing but problems. I have already filed a complaint to VA as well as spoke to numerous Finance personnel and a Team Leader. I was told numerous times different conflicting information. I have also filed a complaint with... Read more

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I have a different sort of problem, I got an AA in HIT in 2015, I sent all the needed paper work to the testing company to take the certification test for a Bill and Coder. That was April, finally in July I made a few calls to see why I wasn't contacted and they said they sent an email which I never got. So I set up my testing date. The billing codes are all ICD9, which was suppose to change to... Read more

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I have a 60 hours of credits I can't get because my student loan is in default. It all started because I transferred a biology the was according to DeVry equal to a math. My counselor insisted my taking the math course. I finally was push out of school and into default. Add comment

After giving birth to my first child i decided it was time to go to school! I am the first in my family to attend college so i had no one to give me advice since no one had been through it and i had no one there to notice the scam that DeVry really is. I spoke with an adviser and ended up going with an associated degree in Health Information Technology. First off, during the interview and consult... Read more

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I am a current student at Devry and I am taking the online classes well I'm having trouble with my financial aid. Before I started classes on May 4th 2015 I spoke to a financial aid counselor on the phone and had everything set for school well its going on my 5th week of school and I'm having to fill out more paperwork every week and not being notified back as to what's going on. I was supposed... Read more

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