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I'm preparing my report with details of my experience started yesterday. Read more

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My time of getting my BS at devry is complete bs, the time I wasted there I could have been working or remained in the navy. The loss of money, work skills, and this BS degree have not helped me get a job, only hurt it. Was a waste of four years of my life, now I am so low I applied to fast food places because I turn down a good job cause I thought college would help me. I was wrong, do your self favor and go to a trade school or even flip... Read more

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Devry University has used 57,500 of federal and state financial aid funds that was granted to me for my undergraduate program Justice Administration. Six months before it's time for me to finish the financial aid "consultants" inform that all of my financial aid has been used and they put holds on my registration where I can't finish this program in order to earn my Bachelor's Degree. The people in financial aid literally told me that I no other... Read more

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DeVry took my money and because I could not apply for any loans they dismissed me from school. They said it was because of my grades. No warning was given to me and what really made me more upset is I only had two more classes to graduate. DeVry will never get another penny out of me thats fir sure. Add comment

I started DeVry in 2007. I attended the undergrad program for 1 year. I transferred in a a lot credits from a community college, so I was able to finish up at DeVry in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Managment. That one year of attendance cost me $24,687.00. I attended the graduate school from 2008 to 2011. I was able to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Managment. That degree cost me $118, 391.00. I was not... Read more

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I attended DeVry University from 2009/ 2011, took out student loans that were held on to for months, because my debt balance was being covered by VOC-REHAB Veterans program. When the next semester started instead of dispersing funds, they applied funds to the post debt. This went on until they put a hold on my account to register, which they conveniently sign me up.for a private student loan through the school, which has been adding interested... Read more

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What is devry being investigated for?what lawsuit are being filed? Add comment

This school has rail roaded lost of their students in this way charging you for books and leaving you with owing them money and not allowing u to get your transcripts This sad thst they are allowed to play with people's lively hood.. Add comment

I had the same issue spoke with several different finaid officers who I told them they were over paying me the swore up and down they were not i was on the phone several hours and i was assured i was over reacting and mind you over two people are telling me they are right and how wrong i am. Now i owe them for the over payment i can't go finish school because they are holding my transcripts so i lose be careful with Devry they are in it to ***... Read more

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I attended DeVry University during my active duty. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2013. I now attend Keller Graduate School of Management for my MBA. I have had nothing but problems. I have already filed a complaint to VA as well as spoke to numerous Finance personnel and a Team Leader. I was told numerous times different conflicting information. I have also filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs as well as the Department of Education... Read more

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