Do not attend this school. They are scammers and will say whatever they have to in order to get your money.

The biggest deception is on the 2 year programs. What they don't tell you is that you'll end up taking one class per session (8 weeks) and the cost they told you will be completely different, nearly doubled. This will be my 2nd year in the "school" and I was in the 2 year program and not even half way through. Also financial assistance will cap under 60,000 then your on your own.

Beware of "schools" like this, they are known as for profit schools. 1 class per session= financial destitution.

Please do not get roped up in the lies the advisers tell you, they are doing it to keep their jobs.

Review about: Devry University Program.

Monetary Loss: $38000.

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