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The main reason consumers remove their complaints from companies like DeVry is because they are threatened with lawsuits among other threats. Most businesses like DeVry know the unlikelihood of students taking legal actions against their well-paid aggressive lawyers. DeVry is known to hire people simply to review any negative comments/complaints against them on the Internet. These people are paid employees of DeVry to defend the reputation of their company regardless of the numerous legitimate complaints against them. Ever wonder why DeVry expands their Business to areas where they know they'll get the most tuition paid for with government grants. The company has expanded its operation in Latin American markets like Brazil and is looking to expand more abroad. Lack of government regulations on businesses like DeVry fails to protect consumers who are misled by their promise of providing a superior higher education. DeVry's executives are well-aware how easy it is to get rich taking advantage of students who won't have the resources necessary to hire a lawyer protecting their student rights when they are ripped off. AND RIP OFF IS WHAT DEVRY IS. Don't be fooled by their ads or recruiting personnel. These are well-trained individuals working only for DeVry's best interests and they make big money for every enrolled student who signs a contract. Do the research and be aware that most of the encouraging comments posted for DeVry are made by paid employees and not actual students. Students rarely have time from their studies to post complaints if they weren't legit and if DeVry provided them an upright education.

Brick and mortar traditional non profit schools are the best choice where the primary concern is education not the for profit *** job DeVry thrives on. DeVry is a business institution so don't fall for the hype from their savoir-faire employees. Their associates are well-paid to mislead consumers to sign their contract. Hook, line and sinker is what they say. DeVry's primary interest is profit and not quality education. If you want a quality education, look elsewhere.

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I agree

Chicago, Illinois, United States #761741

I graduated from DeVry in 2002 with a degree in CIS. The degree is pretty much worthless. It is not taken seriously. However, it is an actual Bachelors Degree. If a job requires it, you have one. There's no debating that. It's an actual Bachelors Degree.

A grad school probably won't accept your credits, but some will. It is not at all a degree that carries any weight. You will not impress anyone by saying you went to DeVry. In fact you'll often get looks because frankly, it's a useless degree. But again, it is a degree.

I mention this because I finally landed a computer programming job in 2006, four years after graduating. Why did I get this job? It wasn't because of the skills I learned at DeVry. It was for a junior level position paying $35,000 with benefits, but a degree was required and the hiring developer filtered the results for people with a degree, which I had. So again, it is a degree.

I would HIGHLY recommend going to a state school instead. HIGHLY recommend it.

Austin, Texas, United States #725626

After reviewing numerous critiques of for profit colleges it would appear that the real

culprit is the American High School diploma mill. HS Graduates without a clue regarding

their best options for secondary education. Where are the parents and guidance

counselors? After one year of teaching physics and engineering at a local HS

I found the district policy of "no failure" for disadvantaged students gave many the illusion

that they had the necessary skills for navigating their future. Across the nation

substandard differentiated HS diplomas abound and graduates do not have the

wherewithal of a 5th grader. CTE curriculum is just a national panecea for those

policy makers to keep the myth of STEM deficiencies perpetuated. Our HS graduates

cannot read and understand the contracts they are signing! The business of business

is to make money and if fools sign contracts and educational loan agencies are providing

money to them without due diligence what other outcomes are to be expected. If one

Cannot meet the college entry requirements of a local community college without taking

numerous remedial classes where does the problem really lie? The truth is that the problem of "for profit" colleges is predicated on our "free" K-12 education, a nation

of illiterate fools fuels the fire. Attendance and extra-curriculars were important than content mastery. Three hours of football practice and three minutes on homework, no wonder the for profits have such easy "Pickens". Sorry for so much accumulated debt,

my sympathies go out to you.

to ChristopherStanford Chicago, Illinois, United States #761765

I remember in my first "comp 110 - intro to computing" course I took in March 1998. They taught us MS WORD and Excel. A bit odd for what should be a programming intensive curriculum, but I quickly learned they needed to teach people how to use computers. There were people in my class who never even turned on a PC before and these people were paying $600/credit hour to learn how to program?

I will say a few of them went on to graduate and have a good career. I graduated and have a great career. But the VAST majority dropped out within 2-3 trimesters with a TON of debt.

It's not a total scam, but it is not worth your time or money.

Costa Mesa, California, United States #707640

I have been a visiting professor for the past 3 years. After staff recruit student after student off the streets, I could take no more.

We have students without HS diplomas, and students that are homeless. The recruiters are good. They convince them that this will better their lives. The problem is, the students don't even have transportation to get there!

Students quit after a few sessions with several thousands of $'s in loans. I voiced my concerns, and guess what?

I'm no longer being assigned classes. Good.


I am a prior student of DeVry and it sucks. I was part time for three years, did not earn a degree and am stuck with 56K in debt and NO education.

It is one of the worst schools around. Now I have to pay back 56K in student loans before I can apply and go to get a degree from a reputable college.

I wouldn't recommend going to DeVry at all to anyone. :(

to Ticked off prior student Chicago, Illinois, United States #761743

Just awful. This is exactly what that school is designed for.

I finished with a Bachelors but I know for a fact, for the longest time, that degree held me back. It's useless.

I can recall them admitting people to the computer programming course who never even used a computer before. Granted, it's entirely possible to learn programming, but paying $600 a credit hour is insanity at that point and I'd say 95% of the people I started with were gone by the 4th trimester.

Castro Valley, California, United States #680877

I've read quite a few of the comments here. The REAL problem here are the organizations that regulate the accredidation of these types of schools.

Without the accredidation they can't get the government money which is their 'bread and butter'. Instead of being made at the schools entirely you people should be even MORE mad at these accrediting organizations which allow these false practices in the first place. If you're attending these types of schools to become an auto mechanic or landscaper they're fine. But getting some higher degree I doubt will get you very far at schools like this.

I mean, think about it. What employer wants to hire a DV guaduate and put them in a room populated with people who have guaduated from Cal-Berkeley or Stanford?


Well the school is for profit...that should be one sign.

also you can transfer to/from credits from other private/public school...Why? well it's not an acredited school..

SO yes it is a scam


I am gone now. I lasted six months and couldn't mislead anymore.

I threw my blue badge out the car window and told the front office that ripping off poor kids with promises of bright futures with a McDegree and big debt was a crime against the youth of this nation. Please listen students! Go to your local junior college like President Obama suggests. Get an AA/AS without debt and then decide what you really want to study.

I felt awful when an 18 year-old student, usually poor-as-dirt and from Chicago's Westside, told me how he was going to be a biomedical engineer in three years when he couldn't write a sentence. However, the "advisors" have no problem with this fantasy since they get rewarded based on how many remedial students they can sucker out of the 'hood with promises of being a full-fledged bourgeois in three years if they only sign for the loan and burden themselves with a debt that many don't understand. Remember, these "advisors" are not social workers!

They are working a boiler room and prey on those seeking to better themselves. They get a percentage.


Look at their business model? They get first generation college students, largely people from underserved urban neighborhood schools, and make them sign for student loans.

Once the student wises up and realizes they are paying 20-30K for a three quarters worth of retaught high school, and the remedial classes count for nothing, they bounce to a community college with a big debt and no real credits. The place should be shut down by the Justice Department since all of the tuition is paid for with federal money. They also love to get veterans so they can drain their GI Bill without them getting much of a degree. Remember, I am on the inside.

Go to a community college, get an AA or AS, and then decide what you want to study. DeVry will be exposed for the fraud that it is.


You kids are right. Run from this school.

My job isn't to teach, it is to keep you taking loans and more classes.

I warn the students I can "trust" and send them to community colleges. Right now, I am playing the game and drawing a paycheck because it beats homelessness.


Going to DeVry was the worst decision of my life. I'm now taking classes at a community college for the sole purpose of deferring my huge loans.

I was unable to get a job in IT after 200 resumes submitted online. I have them numbered in my gmail account. I complained to them and they set me up with their "career adviser". He looked at my resume and said "looks fine to me" and then told me I needed to go to some networking meetings.

Their career fair was an absolute joke. The one legitimate IT company in the building needed a bachelors degree and several certs in order to hire. They don't even prepare you enough for a cert exam, let alone 2-3 for a cert! I don't even know why they were there.

Has anyone had luck in bankrupting loans involving DeVry? I wasn't able to get into my career field until I had taken several classes at the community college.

to 50 grand for an ***ociates Chicago, Illinois, United States #761750

You can't bankrupt student loans. Their one of the few debts you cannot get rid of. Chapter 13 can consolidate them, but you'll never be able to just get rid of them. The whole thing is a scam. The game is rigged.

Back to your experience with DeVry. I went through the same thing. I graduated in 2002 into a really bad economy just like you. The economy now is even worse, although demand for IT pros is higher. The biggest problem is no one takes a DeVry degree seriously. You'll need to find someone who likes "you" and can look past the fact that you went to an awful school. If you can show someone your skills (if you program, start writing stuff and post it to GitHub or get on StackOverflow and get your reputation score up).

I feel for you man because I went through the same thing and totally regret going to DeVry. I went to a state school and couldn't understand any of my teachers because their English was so poor. I went to DeVry where everyone spoke english very well but they seriously gave me 5 courses in COBOL. Completely useless.


I am currently enrolled at DeVry University and within 15 classes of finishing. When I first signed up I had more than enough funding to finish my degree even if I had to retake a few classes.

Now Being this close to finishing I have reached my "Aggragated Loan Level". Now I have gone over the numbers several times and have had someone else look at the numbers as well. I at some times was being charged double for the classes I was taking. I have tried to be civil with the financial aid office and explain, and send documentation to prove to them that I still have enough funding to finish.

I am told that I am harassing the financial aid office, that I am to either get a private loan for $20k to finish or continue to pay back the loans that I currently have in order to take more classes. Now you are suppose to get 6 months before your have to make any payments on your loans after your drop/ graduate. Less than a month after not being able to attend the next session I was getting calls for being default on my loans that I had been paying on. Well there were a few loans that I was not aware of.

There were 4 other loans that totaled $13,236 that I had not been paying on which I was now default on according to the loan company. I have contacted a lawyer to help get this disputed.

I am told that this is not the first time that DeVry has been accused of providing lesser education at a higher education price, or having problems with their financial aid office and their numbers practice. My lawyer said it best to you and me 2+2=4, by the way it looks 2+2=16 to DeVry.


DeVry's financial offices conveniently tell new students that everything is covered with their scholarships (Bright Futures)m military aid and grant money. They collect all the money and students get below standard education since DeVry can't afford qualified instructors for all their courses.

Some are former washed up business execs who declared bankruptcy and were hire by DeVry. I had 2 such instructors in my business course and I was appalled that they had never had any experience in teaching and were hired on the basis of their outdated degrees or knowing someone in corporate. The last thing any student wants as an instructor is an executive ranting about how he lost his business due to the bad economy and no fault of his own. He also had 2 other failed businesses.

Why is this 'loser' teaching a business course at DeVry? Left after the 2nd semester of this bullsh@#t school. Don't waste your money at DeVry. Local colleges don't make you sign over your federal aid money like these DeVry crooks.

Glad I found a way out to save my college education and future. Don't make the same mistake I did right out of High School.My current employer advised me to also leave DeVry off my resume since many companies won't hire DeVry students or graduates.


DeVry shares sharply down after profit plunges 90 percent.... :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

DeVry reported a decline in student enrollment due in part to their reputation for being unable to place alumni into the workforce.

They have continued to decline in student numbers as they tighten admission standards to comply with new education rules and regulations. The increased supervision over for-profit college industry was required amid high number of allegations that many for-profit schools were taking advantage of students.

DeVry and other for-profit schools left thousands of students with high loan debts and below standard education when graduates didn't get hired by the companies DeVry promised them upon enrollment. Save your Education - Find a community college and don't throw away your education to thieves like DeVry.


I am an ex former DeVry student and i have had several problems with this so called "Good Private college" I enrolled in January of 2011 and dropped out around the end of September, or the begining of October. with this being said you can obviously tell that i was NOT even enrolled at DeVry Keller graduate school for EVEN a year!

I am a 19 year old girl whonat the time was 18 years old and straight out of high school and was sold a dream by a so called "addmissions advisor" I was offered a scholarship due to my good grades in high school wich I don't understand as to why I would have to take out two loans if i had TWO grants and a SCHOLARSHIP.

I am now in debt with 14,000 plus loans, without an education. My advice to any person out their, go to a community college.


Yes, I am wit you, and so is my girlfriend Isela Magallon. Words alone cannot express the immense anger and distasteful sense I have towards DeVry for misleading me. I am with you RnBsinger75.


I am seeking information,I am enrolled at a DeVry Keller Grad School Program. I have had a number of problems with the online course.

I have reported it to them and they have done nothing to assist me. They have done nothing but showed me indifference.

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