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I made the mistake of signing up for this school...The admissions advisor suckered me in saying it was an "investment" and yada yada yada, when really all they were doing was trying to sell me a fake education for an insanely high price.

I was rushed though the admissions process entirely too quickly. The Admissions advisor was extremely vague about the cost of going to their so called "school". I didn't find out how much it was going to cost until I was already about a week or so into their BS "critical thinking" class which was atrocious and was worse then high school classes I have taken. Three weeks into the class I realized that I was not retaining or learning ANYTHING from it and decided to drop out instead of continuing to waste my money.

I called and tried to drop out from their course, and it took them 3 ADDITIONAL weeks before they processed it.... I try to find out how much they want me to pay and it took them 2 more months to come up with a number. $1338.50 FOR THREE WEEKS OF A WORTHLESS CLASS! I did not learn a thing from their school and it was not through lack of trying like some Devry employee will come and post rebutting this...

I so far have refused to pay them because I find that number just plain ridiculous for what I received from Devry's online course..... ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! On top of that I continue to receive spam emails from them asking me to "come back for the next semester and blah blah blah" after I told them I do not want anything to do with their fake school ever again. Now they are trying to ruin my credit because I made the mistake of falling for their scam.


The degree you'd get from Devry university would be more valuable used as a piece of toilet paper wiping your *** with.

Monetary Loss: $1338.

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Boo this PR monkey!


IDGAF if it was required by the state, the point is they grossly overcharged for a worthless course, and I could have taken a WHOLE SEMESTER worth of courses at the community college near here for the price DeVry wants FOR 1 COURSE!Not to mention their online format of courses is horrible, and everyone in their "Advisor" or "counselor" postions are completely worthless.

IDGAF if you got 80k+ positions for 23 years, and I find that EXTREMELY unlikely as I talked to people in that field I was going into and they told me they rip up any application with an online degree as soon as they get them.Plain and simple, they have horrible business practices and need to be shut down, and I am not the only one that thinks so.


those classes are required by the state in order to get your degree, yes they are bull but better classes follow. my degree from DeVry netted me 23 years of 80K+ positions. if you cant handle a bull class once in a while you will never make it in the real world.

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