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I am pissed in not the right rating, more like I am tired of all this ***. This school will rip you off and steal all your money.

Do not listen to the good reviews, they are fake. They couldn't possibly be real unless they were paid. No one with half a brain could think it was a good school. And don't listen to that you get what you put in, no you don't and you don't get what you pay for.

The technology is 80's at best.

The teachers I did not have any problems with, they were positive and nice and educated themselves but the school and administration is ***. They're young and immature, you can tell that right away.

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I have a BSEET and even the math credits won't transfer to a community college. I'm starting over at 54, with $90k in student loan debt.

I'm depressed and suicidal. Don't make the same mistake.


If you read these comments please keep in mind that Devry university pays people to put positive things on here and other websites. I am living proof that this school is a crock and will rip you off.


I agree not a great school and way too expensive. But my credit did transfer and not to a community college, but a very good university. So do look for a better school, there are good universities that will accept the credits.

to Ton Los Angeles, California, United States #651069

What universities exactly? I am thinking about transferring to another school because I am getting tired of DeVry but I hear that a lot of colleges do not accept their credits and I have been attending for a year! I am not letting that year go to waste.


I too made the same mistake. I wasted 2 years of my life and a *** *** load of money on this *** school.

It is by far the worst thing you could ever do. I can't even go to my local community college because the credits won't transfer over. I am 21 years old and now have to start from scratch. Everything has to be done from the beginning.

It really sucks and I just can't believe they're still operating.

I'm sure there are thousands of students in the same situation as me. DO NOT ATTEND DEVRY or ANY SCHOOLS AFFILIATED WITH THE NAME!!!!!!


Credits won't transfer? Really, well I an assure you if they don't transfer it isn't because of DeVry I would be, because of your school you are now going to.

DeVry is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

I graduated from DeVry and I am now pursuing my Masters at Penn State. If DeVry was so bad then Penn State would have escorted me out the door.


Dont go to Devry they are a for profit school you learn little to nothing and their courses are way to fast to learn anything. The students know more than the instructors lol.

All they want it money money money. I heard tuition is going up not a good thing. I made the worst mistake and my credits wont transfer to another college. So when i go to a real college in my town i will have to start all the way over and learn what i already learned.

Believe me you learn nothing and they get paid for it and take your financial aid money. I started in Jan and half of my financial aid money is used up i advise anyone please don't not waste your time or money.

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