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I was never once told that each credit was worth $580 and that I would have to take a math class on the computer with a grade scale of A, B, F. What happened to C and D?

I am a C student when it comes to math. The counselor told me that I could keep taking the class until I passed which I could understand why at $2000.00 a session. I dropped out at the end of my 3rd week and now I have a bill for $900.00 for what?

What am I paying for. Being taught from a computer.

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Stand up for whats right! Just like you, Myself an hundreds of other student have fallen into this trap. Help show awareness to others and tell your story on the Stop DeVry Facebook page!

Cumming, Georgia, United States #732225

The only reason I passed math at this school is from the teacher giving me the answers on the final exam. This school is a joke.

Open book everything and the professors practically throw A grades at you.

Anyone that makes less than a 4.0 at this school is an ***. Sign up pay your overpriced tuition show up to class and put in a decent effort and this school will give you an A.

Los Angeles, California, United States #713567

I have graduated from DeVry Universities Keller Graduate School of Management. It took me three years to do it and I never worked harder in my life. No pain no gain. My son graduates from DeVry in eight weeks. I have taught him that your level of commitment to realistic goals and the tenacity to get there, determines your fortune. I even work for the University. BTW. check out my son's book at:

So make sure that when you read these comments, ask many people. Especially successful graduates.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #710031

I see that many people have problems with these types of schools. If you can pass the prerequisite classes then Devry might actually work out.

That is weird about getting rid of the C grade. I had some problems with getting money back after dropping classes at just about every University I have been to. If the system isn't going to change then what are the students left to do? I Try to remember what I have control over and what I do not.

I graduated from a different school like Devry associate's degree in electronics engineering technology. I found a good job right away in the field and I had many offers as well. Now I am a student at Devry, pursuing a bachelor's degree in the same field. I have tried other traditional universities like Virginia Tech, Villanova, and American University.

I have had much more success at schools like Devry because my prerequisites are not as grueling. Also I find that the students are more approachable. I think most people have a school out there that is the best match for them.

Finding that school can be a challenge. Don't give up!


DEVRY IS A SCAM...PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND. I graduated in June and I just started working in my field(LUCKY ME) because companies look at Devry as a joke.

Oh and devry did not help get this job. I did everything on my own.

I will not be attending Keller. I hope the school close down.

to Recent College Grad Three Rivers, Michigan, United States #641838

DeVry is fine and colleges don't get you jobs unless you're like A student in ivy league. Get your paper, go to your workforce center, complete everything they tell you for your state and STFU


If an individual has done their research regarding Devry's integrity as an education organization (for profit), they will have an understanding that the financial and time investment will not be conducive to the actual education received. The enrollment and finance staff, particularly at the SoCA locations, lacks the ability to follow through with responsibilities, sacrificing the paying student's time and financial position.

Be mindful when considering any type of affiliation with a Devry program. There are outstanding schools in this country, which honestly promote quality education and student assistance (as the student should be the priority); and if this is what you are looking for, Devry is not your ideal option, whatsoever.

to Susan #1118907

I believe that the school actually helped, you seem to have an outstanding grammar and your opinion is well articulated. I think I am going to register to this school.

I think any school, even community colleges, are for profit.

And it seems that your issue is not with the school but some stuff members, if I mind people's attitude when doing their job, then I would not even have a driver's license, have you seen those government workers?.


Just to put this $580/credit cost in perspective - my community college would have offered that same math course for less than $100/credit, and even cheaper if you have a veteran's discount. You would have had both on-campus and online options, as well as on-campus and online tutors for additional aid.

& one last thing, there is no question that you'd be able to transfer your credit from a community college.


Who needs Math when our government makes $2 trillion dollar mistakes?


The DeVry math courses I had were all done online even though I took the classes on property. During final exams the class assistants even gave answers if you asked them for help.

Most of the other answers were given prior with practice exams given students a week in advance & open notebook with all assignments were allowed to be used as reference during our final exams. Including the practice exam with answers. Can't get any easier than that. It didn't matter if you knew how to do the math as long as you got the passing grade.

This keeps DeVry in business & the free government grants flowing into their executives' pockets making them rich. Graduating this year & I'll be doing the same without stressing over what the quality of the product is as long as I can tap into free government money & make profits like DeVry.

Thanks to my math & business instructors to show our class how DeVry runs their business using government loopholes without any regulatory restraints to get rich. Capitalism is great when you know how the rich get to the top.


Before you blame the school you should look at yourself.

I hate math and I required help to get through the math classes.

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