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My education has recently been brought to a complete stand still Thanks to actions by Devry University. I made the grave error of attending Devry for a single semester.

Half time for a single math course costs $5,800.!! I was grossly overcharged and one a judgment of $6500. in small claims court which Devry still refuses to pay. They also refuse to release my transcript preventing me from getting any student financial aid of any type; loans or grant money.

I am qualified to receive $4500./semester in grant money which I cannot access because of Devry's continued failure to provide my transcript.

Their bills are completely cryptic and they charged me for books and supplies which I never received. They are a completely dishonest and bogus school and most headhunters will not hire someone with a Devry degree.

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Not true, there are a lot of head hunters that will hire you with a DeVry University Degree.

San Jose, California, United States #1166035

Excellent suggestions ! For my two cents , if anyone has been searching for a DeVry University Transcript Request Form , my friend filled out a template form here http://goo.gl/kfBrFj


Devry has been holding peoples transcript all the way back from the 1990. I double paid the school as well.


They tried to do this to me and I emailed the Dean. The person in the transcript office that I had to talk to kept saying there was a financial hold on my account, which was not true.

Heck I was currently paying on my insane student loan for my two classes. What was actually happening to my account was that if I was going to be taking more classes, there were additional forms I had needed to find out. So the school put a notice on my account to let the registration know in case I re-enrolled.

(heck no) Apparently no one in the transcript department can actually read. Anyway, not even two days after my email to the dean, the person in charge of the transcript services (idk if she was a manager or not) called apologizing like crazy and sent me 3 transcripts for free.


Devry has the reputation of blocking former students transcripts with bogus claims. They will do anything to get money from.

It's almost like extortion. I think they should be investigated.


I too made that horrible mistake and now have an unimaginable amount of student loan for credits that I can not use/transfer. This school has been doing things like this for years and getting away with it while the students leave with nothing but debt. It's robbery.


Judging from the spelling and grammar mistakes in this post and in comments by others, I wonder how much education you received for the money.

to Anonymous #1018486

Have you nothing better to do with your time? Spewing venom at complete strangers, in the most cowardice fashion, is a far worse crime than any grammatical shortcomings one may possess. You should surely consider wasting chunks of your life by more admirable means.


I attended Devry for 4 classes and they *** near made me cap out on my student loans. Now they won't release my transcripts either because they are saying they overpaid me on a refund.

Come on now, I called and asked a million times if this amount was correct. Of coarse I spent the 3 thousand, and months later they want it back. Where the *** am I supposed to get it.

I attend National now and it's half the price and their reputation is much better. They are non-profit and do everything by the book, so it takes a while for you to get financial aid.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States #241816

Where are the laws to regulate these bastards stealing students' educations & their future.

Students are our future & these criminals are taking every chance they try to better themselves through education. GI tuition's are hard earned while risking our lives while these thieves line their pockets.

Will be glad to see them lose on the stock markets & see these new government regulation put in place this July 2011. Don't need any more Wall Street fiascoes while hard working citizens pay the price.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States #241812

Most of the complaints are all true but a job is a job in these uncertain economic times. Money made for every student we can sign up at DeVry means food, rent, & paying the bills for my family.

DeVry purposely puts their locations where lower income students are expected to apply using govt grants, military tuition benefits, & scholarships. The high turnover rate in DeVry's instructors are normal since the majority are hired from local businesses. Some from the high unemployment of local business as DeVry receives a tax credit to hire them.

As an employee, we are warned never to discuss DeVry's deceptive advertising & practices if we want to keep our jobs & legal actions will be taken against us if we talk to the media.

After 2 years, Ive had it & moved on to an honest company whose administrators run their company with integrity & not deceptive values.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States #241805

Wiki Leaks would be great to get this publicized throughout the world. Heard DeVry has expanded to S.

America since the government helps a majority of students through grants. That\'s FREE MONEY for for-profit business like DeVry who are not bound by any regulations to the degree of education they provide. Instructors only need to have a Masters degree to get a teaching job at DeVry without any prior teaching experience. People who have never set foot in a classroom or know how to teach.

Instructors only get a short course of basic instruction & have students get their assignments from the Internet while their purchased over-priced books are rarely used. Intentional deception & business fraud using students grants, scholarships, & loan for personal monetary gains is the best way to describe DeVry\'s unethical business practices.

to Chris #1288950

This is the same at the Orlando Florida DeVry campus where the professors are telling students not to use the expensive books we were required to purchase. I brought this concern to my counselor and she said it was up to each instructor, This is just another way DeVry takes money from their students.

No need to wonder why their enrollments keep getting lower.

Their online courses are not worth wasting your time as you won't get anywhere from the courses.


Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States #241803

If For-profit schools were delivering a worthwhile education then why are they suing the U.S. government to stop the new rules & regulations which would be imposed upon them July 1, 2011. What are they afraid of? The rules are part of a larger package of new regulations being imposed on for-profit schools like DeVry, accused of churning out poorly educated students with large debts.

One rule challenged by the suit would stop deceptive advertising by schools, another bars recruiters from being paid based on how many students they enroll and a third requires states to authorize post-secondary schools for their students to be eligible for federal loans.

The lawsuit did not challenge the yet-to-be-finalized and most controversial of the reforms -- the "gainful employment" rule.

That rule would require schools to show that students are paying back federal loans or can do so. Students at schools that fall short would be barred from receiving federal loans, which would cripple most For-profit schools like DeVry. Our economy cannot sustain any more failures in government regulation & corporate mismanagement.

Don't waste your child's future or yours with these for-profit businesses.


It cost $580 per hour. Most math classes are 3 hours, total cost $1740.

Credits to graduate are 120-139, total cost about $70,000 not including books and fees.

I get about $6500 in student loans for 8hrs of class. If I spend the refund of course It'll cost me $200,000.


My husband took 2 courses at DeVry last year. I was against it because they promised him a lot and asked for a lot.

The result is that he paid too much, recieved very mediocre education (they admit people who don't even speak enough English) and now they're refusing to release his transcript because he suddenly owes them money (yes, they will dig up some strange charges after the semester is over). It's also true that they add extra fees for books and other things but the books are really overpriced e-books or just electronic text. Please, stay away from these schools. Forget DeVry, Phoenix and the rest of them.

Don't forget that many state (research) universities now offer online or combined education. It'll cost you less money because you'll be paying in-state tuition and it'll make your degree look more creditable.


I sued and they tried to settle. I am trying to upload a copy of the settlement. This school is a fraud and they have been exposed. There is a class action being started send your information to rnbsinger75@yahoo.com make sure you have evidence of what you were told like emails. Go to help.devry.edu to print them.

Here is a copy of the settlement documents.


This Settlement Agreement and Release (the “Agreement”) is entered into between DeVry University, Inc. (“DeVry”), and Plaintiff

Incorporation of Recitals. The recitals set forth in the Background section above are incorporated in the body of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein.

2. Monetary Consideration. Upon the later of (a) receipt of this Agreement signed by all parties and (b) notice that Plaintiff has dismissed the Complaint with prejudice, DeVry shall forgive the outstanding balance on Plaintiff's account with DeVry and shall not seek payment of the outstanding balance on this account from Plaintiff provided that if Plaintiff ever re-enrolls at DeVry or another institution owned or operated by DeVry Inc., the balance on his account resulting from Plaintiff's attendance at DeVry at any time prior to his execution of this Agreement shall become immediately due and payable.

3. As an element of, and in order to induce DeVry to enter into, this settlement, Plaintiff and his heirs, representatives and assigns, do hereby absolutely and unconditionally forever release, discharge and acquit DeVry and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, partners, members, stockholders, employees, agents, attorneys, successors and assigns, of and from any and all claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, indebtedness, breaches of contract, breaches of duty or any relationship, acts, omissions, misfeasance, malfeasance, cause or causes of action, debts, sums of money, accounts, compensation, contracts, controversies, promises, damages, costs, losses and expenses, of every type, kind, nature, description or character, and irrespective of how, why, or by reason of what facts, whether heretofore or now existing, of whatever kind or name, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, liquidated or unliquidated, arising from any time leading up to and including the date which this Agreement is signed by him; provided however, that Plaintiff does not release and expressly preserves the right to enforce his rights under this Agreement and to compel performance and satisfaction by DeVry of its obligations hereunder.

4. No Admission of Liability. The execution of this Agreement shall not be deemed or construed as an admission of liability by DeVry, and DeVry expressly denies liability of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the subject of the Agreement.

5. Confidentiality; Public Statements. The parties agree that both the existence of the Agreement and the terms contained in this Agreement are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third parties, except that the parties may disclose the foregoing (a) to the extent required by legal process, court order, or applicable law, rule or regulation, (b) to their respective attorneys, accountants, auditors or financial advisors, and boards of directors, and to governmental bodies to the extent necessary to comply with any applicable tax or financial reporting laws, rules or regulations, and (c) in the event of a breach to allow the non-breaching party to enforce his, her, or its rights under the Agreement in the courts in the Chicago metropolitan area. In the event of any inquiries by any third party concerning the status or resolution of the Complaint, no information shall be disclosed other than that such matters have been “resolved.”

6. Non-Disparagement. Plaintiff agrees to refrain from any communications with third parties, written or oral, that could reasonably be considered to constitute disparagement of DeVry.

7. Non-Cooperation and Non-Solicitation. Plaintiff agrees that he will not assist any attorneys or their clients in the presentation or prosecution of any disputes, differences, grievances, claims, charges, or complaints by any third party against DeVry, unless compelled by lawful subpoena or court order. Plaintiff further agrees that he will not solicit or encourage any third party to present or prosecute any disputes, differences, grievances, claims, charges, or complaints against DeVry.

8. Understanding of the Parties. (a) This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supercedes all prior agreements, agreements in principle, and written or oral communications with respect to the resolution of the Complaint. (b) This Agreement may not be modified, amended or terminated, except by a written agreement which is signed by each of the parties hereto. (c) Each party represents and warrants (i) that he or it has had the opportunity to obtain independent advice from counsel of its choosing in negotiations for and the execution of the Agreement, (ii) that he or it has read the Agreement or have had the same read to them by his or its counsel, and (iii) that he or it is fully aware of its contents and legal effect.

9. Authority. Each person executing this Agreement represents and warrants that such person is lawfully authorized and empowered to execute the same as an individual or on behalf of the entity on whose behalf such person is signing, and that upon such execution this Agreement will be binding on such entity without any further approval, ratification, or other action.

10. Binding on Successors and Assigns. Neither this Agreement nor any interest hereunder may be assigned by any party without the prior written consent of all other parties to this Agreement. This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their respective successors, permitted assigns, heirs, and executors notwithstanding any reorganization, merger, or consolidation of any party hereto.

11. Severability. The parties agree that, if any term or provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, then the invalid or unenforceable term or provision shall be severed so as to make the Agreement enforceable to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law.

12. Further Assurances. The parties agree to execute any additional documents to do all other acts reasonably required to effect the intent and purposes of this Agreement. 13. Applicable Law. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, irrespective of its conflict of law rules.

14. Headings. The paragraph headings contained herein are for convenience only and are not intended to add or subtract from the text hereof.

15. No Third Party Beneficiaries. Nothing contained herein is intended to confer any rights on any person or entity other than the parties hereto. No third party beneficiary rights shall be conferred on any party by virtue of this Agreement or any term or provision hereof.

16. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in more than one counterpart, each of which shall be deemed to be an original and all of which, taken together, shall constitute one agreement binding on all parties.

17. Court Jurisdiction. The parties agree that in the event of a breach of this Agreement, the party seeking enforcement shall be entitled to specific performance in a court in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois and the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of its costs and attorney fees in connection with such application. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois, to resolve any disputes arising from, or relating to, this Agreement.

18. Agreement as Evidence. Nothing in this Agreement shall prohibit a party from offering the Agreement as evidence in a legal, administrative, or quasi-judicial proceeding involving a claim released herein.

19. This Agreement shall be construed as a whole and not for or against any party.

20. Any notice desired or required to be given hereunder shall, unless otherwise specified, be sufficient if in writing and personally delivered or sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, as follows:

If to DeVry, to:

Laura Sitarski

DeVry Inc.

3005 Highland Parkway, 7th floor

Downers Grove, IL 60515-5799

or to such other address as the addressee may specify in a notice fully given to the sender as provided herein.




By: ____________________

Name: ____________________

Title: _____________________


One you a full of *** I go to Devry and I took the same Math class that you took and another class that semester and both of my classes together did not add up to $5800, I got over $6000 in FA and I got a refund of over $2000 back, also as you can see it dose not cost over $10000 a semester to go to Devry, stop your *** and crying about how bad Devry is prolly because you where kicked out, because no one undergrad class is going to cost you almost $6000, Be a man stand up and pay your bills it dose not matter if they do not release you transcript you can still get FA as long as you are paying on your lone

to Chris Mukwonago, Wisconsin, United States #760410

Description Code Date Amount($)

Federal Pell Grant GPEL 17-DEC-2013 1,059.00

Direct Unsubsidized Stafford DU1A 27-NOV-2013 -1,485.00

Direct Subsidized Stafford DS1A 27-NOV-2013 -866.00

Federal Pell Grant GPEL 02-NOV-2013 -1,412.00

DeVry Undergraduate Tuition TUDU 28-OCT-2013 3,045.00

Student Service Charge MSSC 28-OCT-2013 20.00

Course Material Charge BCMT 28-OCT-2013 80.00

Course Material Charge BCMT 28-OCT-2013 80.00

Application Fee Payment CAPP 19-SEP-2013 -40.00

Application Fee MAPL 19-SEP-2013 40.00

Term Balance: 521.00

This was just for Critical thinking and Comp with Lab so your the one full of *** dumb ***. Not even a full semester and it costed almost 4,000 in student loans and now they tell me I owe them cause I planned to transfer to a different school that's $20,000 cheaper. that term balance yesterday was -538 that they owed me till i did my exiting counseling and now all of a sudden I owe them $521.00

to Chris #1002246

Wow, I can tell your education has been worth every dollar. Prolly?

What in the *** does Prolly mean? You are a great example of an *** who thinks they are getting a quality education.

You need to get back to the basics I think. ***

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