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My education has recently been brought to a complete stand still Thanks to actions by Devry University.I made the grave error of attending Devry for a single semester.

Half time for a single math course costs $5,800.!! I was grossly overcharged and one a judgment of $6500. in small claims court which Devry still refuses to pay. They also refuse to release my transcript preventing me from getting any student financial aid of any type; loans or grant money.

I am qualified to receive $4500./semester in grant money which I cannot access because of Devry's continued failure to provide my transcript.

Their bills are completely cryptic and they charged me for books and supplies which I never received.They are a completely dishonest and bogus school and most headhunters will not hire someone with a Devry degree.


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Excellent suggestions ! For my two cents , if anyone has been searching for a DeVry University Transcript Request Form , my friend filled out a template form here http://goo.gl/kfBrFj


Devry has been holding peoples transcript all the way back from the 1990. I double paid the school as well.


They tried to do this to me and I emailed the Dean.The person in the transcript office that I had to talk to kept saying there was a financial hold on my account, which was not true.

Heck I was currently paying on my insane student loan for my two classes. What was actually happening to my account was that if I was going to be taking more classes, there were additional forms I had needed to find out. So the school put a notice on my account to let the registration know in case I re-enrolled.

(heck no) Apparently no one in the transcript department can actually read.Anyway, not even two days after my email to the dean, the person in charge of the transcript services (idk if she was a manager or not) called apologizing like crazy and sent me 3 transcripts for free.


Devry has the reputation of blocking former students transcripts with bogus claims.They will do anything to get money from.

It's almost like extortion.I think they should be investigated.


I too made that horrible mistake and now have an unimaginable amount of student loan for credits that I can not use/transfer. This school has been doing things like this for years and getting away with it while the students leave with nothing but debt. It's robbery.


Judging from the spelling and grammar mistakes in this post and in comments by others, I wonder how much education you received for the money.

to Anonymous #1018486

Have you nothing better to do with your time? Spewing venom at complete strangers, in the most cowardice fashion, is a far worse crime than any grammatical shortcomings one may possess. You should surely consider wasting chunks of your life by more admirable means.


I attended Devry for 4 classes and they *** near made me cap out on my student loans.Now they won't release my transcripts either because they are saying they overpaid me on a refund.

Come on now, I called and asked a million times if this amount was correct. Of coarse I spent the 3 thousand, and months later they want it back. Where the *** am I supposed to get it.

I attend National now and it's half the price and their reputation is much better.They are non-profit and do everything by the book, so it takes a while for you to get financial aid.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States #241816

Where are the laws to regulate these bastards stealing students' educations & their future.

Students are our future & these criminals are taking every chance they try to better themselves through education.GI tuition's are hard earned while risking our lives while these thieves line their pockets.

Will be glad to see them lose on the stock markets & see these new government regulation put in place this July 2011.Don't need any more Wall Street fiascoes while hard working citizens pay the price.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States #241812

Most of the complaints are all true but a job is a job in these uncertain economic times.Money made for every student we can sign up at DeVry means food, rent, & paying the bills for my family.

DeVry purposely puts their locations where lower income students are expected to apply using govt grants, military tuition benefits, & scholarships. The high turnover rate in DeVry's instructors are normal since the majority are hired from local businesses. Some from the high unemployment of local business as DeVry receives a tax credit to hire them.

As an employee, we are warned never to discuss DeVry's deceptive advertising & practices if we want to keep our jobs & legal actions will be taken against us if we talk to the media.

After 2 years, Ive had it & moved on to an honest company whose administrators run their company with integrity & not deceptive values.

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