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This is a WARNING of DeVry's unethical business practices screwing over their students while DeVry's executives fill their bank accounts with your scholarship and grant money.

DeVry and other For-Profit schools' poor reputation have been the key focus for students since the government took attention of addressing the high number of students and graduates who have defaulted on their student loans from high-cost, low-benefit for-profit education industry. Students who attend for-profit colleges are at much greater risk of defaulting than students who attend state and community colleges. They are also no more employable than they were before getting their degree except now they're deeper in debt.

Part of this is due to the fact that for-profit schools' students are mostly low-income students and students of color who are the first in their families to go to college. An investigation by the Governmental Accountability Office found that for-profit schools encouraged students to lie on their federal aid forms, claiming more dependents or failing to mention savings, so students"”and then the for-profit schools"”could qualify for more financial aid.

DeVry will do anything to get you enrolled and take your MONEY. Really, all you have to do is walk through their front doors into their admissions' office. The vultures are there waiting for future students to become prey and hoping they are poor enough to sign the FASFA forms so DeVry can get their hands on your federal aid money, military education benefits and other scholarships students earned. The thieves at DeVry will tell you these benefits should cover most of your education expenses but they make sure you also sign the dotted line for future loans should they be needed. What they don't tell you is that they are needed from Day 1 of your first class since DeVry is so expensive. They mislead students into believing they are receiving a higher valued education which will get them the highest paying jobs within 6 months of their graduation. The reality is that in today's job market it is an outright LIE to make promises of higher wages and guaranteed employment within 6 months. It's DeVry's deceptive scheme to lure students in to get a hold of their federal aid money. This is how for profit schools like DeVry got rich in the past as there was little government regulations in place to oversee the sub-standard education these for-profit schools provided their students.

As DeVry's reputation became highly scrutinized over their deficient education value and students made their experiences public via newsgroups, forums and Internet. Students began to realize they can receive a higher quality, respected education at local and state universities where financial advisors clearly disclose the students' financial obligations each semester or whenever requested. That's one of the major difference between DeVry - a for-profit school and a state or local run universities that has regulations.

Integrity and Ethics go a long way in the business world and DeVry failed miserably when they turned their main focus on their wealth statistics and lost vision to the quality of the education they sold their consumers.

A little note to DeVry - Business 101 which I learned from one of the most respected teacher around. Most important things to remember in managing any business – Integrity and a steadfast commitment to Ethical Business Practices. These are the cornerstones of how your business should operate in the present to succeed in the future.

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DeVry is better than watching tv and doing nothing with yourself. I found the classes as challenging as any of the state and community colleges I attended.

If I was to do it all over again, I would not attend DeVry. Nerd jobs are flighty, and my DeVry and Keller degrees are laughed at. I have defaulted on my student loans from DeVry because I cannot list them on a resume and expect to get a job, so why would I pay for an education I cannot use on a resume?

There are state universities that now offer online education (either partial or whole programs), look for those if you want a name that you can put on a resume. Avoid DeVry and Keller.


Melissa considering you got your "degree" from Devry I wouldnt be asking anyone if they have a college education, you may have a peice of paper from a degree mill but you also definatly have a sub par joke of a college education.


Melissa: Guess this person did their research since DeVry is going to eliminate approximately 570 positions.DeVry shares plunged on dismal fiscal Q4 preview and for-profit educator DeVry said it plans to cut its workforce, citing cost pressures and continued weakness in student enrollment. The company is working to improve its near-term performance by aligning its costs to its enrollment levels.

In April 2012, DeVry said its fiscal third-quarter earnings also slumped reporting that enrollment of new students continued to drop at its namesake university.

Looks like the only person not doing their research is Melissa. Google it and maybe you can read what all the business news is reporting as well as DeVry.

Melissa, Do you even know how to read or use a computer or are you just in denial. That's a rhetorical question if you know what that means and doesn't require a response from someone as uneducated to not know how to read the financial reports of DeVry.


Question: Do you even have a college education? Do your research next time and get the facts right.

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