I also did not receive the services they are billing me for.I am trying to find a lawyer to do another class action against them.

I have racked up a lot of debt and have nothing to show for it due to some of their instructors not doing their job. I finally withdrew but they are trying to tell me that I only had day one to withdraw with no penalty as an online student. I never received the student handbook that they say I did. And they will not cooperate and resolve this issue.

They say I owe them money. First the bill was for $700, now it's over $1200 for no apparent reason. I tried to resolve the issue with my instructor and over the first weekend it was clear she was not going to help me. So I couldn't withdraw over the weekend because no one was in the office to help me.

So they want to hit me with a week two withdrawl. I was still trying to work it out with the instructor until I was officially withdrawn and they say since I logged in, I'm a week 2 withdrawl.

I never received anything telling me an online student has only the 1st day to withdraw.I should not be held responsible for what they are billing me.

Monetary Loss: $1280.

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The past few years, DeVry has diversified by buying Caribbean medical schools.So far they bought 2 of the top 4.

Not a bad business model - these schools tend to be profitable if you keep up your relationships with US (and Canadian) hospitals for students to do their clinical rotations.

What's hilarious to me, however, is the latest DeVry ad. I just saw it on Comedy Central, but it wasn't intended to be funny.

The "spokesperson" says the phrase "We develop curriculum..." instead of curricula.I can't believe the whole "education company" let that slide by.

to Trust DeVry? Riverside, California, United States #672158

I work for the University of California, Irvine and they also are guilty of misspelled words and poor grammar in their brochures and other published documents so it is NOT just DeVry that does that.


This semester finishes this week and starts next week for devry.How do I start the withdraw process.

Also, I never filled out a new 2012 school year fasfa form yet.

Help!I am thinking of visiting my local legislature here in Pennsylvania.


Count me in for the lawsuit my education is on hold till devry decides to release my transcripts or release the $3500 they claim I owe


The attorney Laura Sitarski will not do anything for you remember she is one of the people employed by the school and helps with their fraudulent activity.I work there so I know.

In order to help yourself you have to get an attorney or sue in small claims court.

Make sure you have all of your evidence, documents, emails, phone records.

Its most likely this school will settle they don't want go to court because of the high attorney fees.


This is the contact information for their attorney, I suggest you contact her.

Laura Kendall Sitarski

Corporate Counsel

DeVry Inc.

3005 Highland Parkway

Downers Grove, IL 60515-5799

p:  630-353-3795

f:   630-515-4555

e:  lsitarski@devry.edu


Get a lawyer, I suspected they were up to no good and I now have a bunch of students loans, yet I qualify for complete financial aid, first they told me I wasn't going to owe anything and now I have a bill for 4,000 at least.


DeVry makes alot of claims regarding having professors with real world experience and even claim that these professors still work in the field. If they are working in the field, how do they find time to teach. And if these professions are so lucrative, why are the professors teaching?

DeVry also makes claims for accelerated learning, that you can have your associates degree in as little as 1.8 years and a bacherlors in as little as 2.8 years. It is possible, but not realistic and very few ever achieve this. And what they forget to tell you is how the loans affect your graduation.

The problem with DeVry is that are more or less like the get rich quick gurus with their tv informercials. With DeVry, they attract the naive with the promise of an easy, quick way to get a degree and earn a high income at a time when there are few jobs available and with a educational brand that is suspect.

Sure they have a regional accreditation. So does the University of Phoenix but that didn't stop the government from checking them out, the SEC for forming an investigation and many employers from NOT recognizing their graduates.

Many employers look at DeVry as a joke. Why do you suppose so many comedians and sitcoms make jokes about DeVry? You don't hear them saying that about Harvard or Princeton.

DeVry is too expensive for what you get and the promises are higher than the reality.

Stay away from DeVry.


I've had nothing but trouble out of this school from day 1.The employees were rude, and when you asked them to explain all of the bogus charges they start double talking.You can't get a straight answer.

It's nothing more than a money maker and that's it. Try and withdraw and you'll see what I mean.

Tuition for me was 575.00 a quarter hr.State college 87.00, do the math.


I wouldn't go to Devry if someone paid me.I know for a fact that they are a scam.

They tout "real world experience" of their instructors. Well I know one personally that is teaching game design classes at one campus and he has never held a job in that field in his life. He messed around with it as a hobby but nothing he's ever done looks any better than games you'd see on the old Nintendo or Ataris of YEARS ago. He doesn't even have a master's degree but a 13 year old B.S.

in computer science with very little additional education since then. Yet they have him standing up there in front of unknowing students that are paying a lot of money that think they're learning how to program games from someone with "real world" experience and is an "expert" in the field.

It's a sham.Go to a REAL school to get a degree, not these "for profit" schools that just care about the money and lie to you about the qualifications and quality of their instructors and also get people all reved up about a career in making video games when the chances of one actually getting a job in that field with a Devry degree are pretty darn low and there's not much else you can do with a degree in that from Devry in the job market, even when we aren't in a recession.

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