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I obtained a BA from Tri-State University with a good GPA, though my degree was Criminal Justice.I wanted to join the marines as an officer.

However, I was diagnosed with Glaucoma, and could never begin a military or police career. I had a private investigation division for several years but lost it with the economy. I decided to go back to school for databases. Since I finished my BA completely in two and half years, while actually sitting in a classroom, I figured transferring most of my credits to a technical school would put me at a high level.

It took several months for someone with competence to actually obtain my transcripts from Tri-State, which kept me at DeVry at a Freshman level. I could not attend full time, as they said I didn't have enough grant money. At Tri-State, I took up to six classes a semester! My entire degree had only been $18k, which I had paid on since 2003.

My student loans were down to $15k. DeVry would only give me one or two classes at a time, and even made me sit out a session, due to money. I only took three computer classes, one of which was extremely simple. The other classes were all business classes, which I never even wanted.

They said they were required. So I've been going to school with them since January (It's September, almost October), and I haven't really learned anything, except that I was scammed.

I was told that I would be allowed more than 9 credit hours a semester if I wasn't Freshman level. So once my transcripts were received, I was told I could go full time.

An advisor directed me to my classes, in which I took two classes the first summer session and two the second. I didn't really understand how their semesters worked, nor could I ever log onto my financial aid information on their website. It's hard to get to and the vast amount of passwords, and constant changing of the site and passwords, made it impossible. I have no idea how much money DeVry's racked up on my student loans, and I am terrified to look.

So when the advisor registered me, I didn't realize that every single class was 4 credit hours (which isn't normal), and they sent me a bill for over $2000, on top of what they've racked up on my student loans. I've gone through several advisors and rarely talk to the same person. And just so everyone knows, they said the financial aid department doesn't talk to your advisors that are telling you what classes to take.

They were initially, but not now that there into me for tens of thousands of dollars...or are they?What a scam!

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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I've run across several complaints just like mine. Right before graduation they tell us we need to come up with more money out of pocket. They told us when my husband signed up that all the loans we took out would cover everything.

Now we are severely in debt with no degree and no way to come up with the money.SCAMMERS!!!


I recently discovered that DeVry racked up nearly $40,000.00 in student loans against me, in which I have not taken any classes that are helpful towards this degree at all.I could not continue to go to school, since I have maxed out my loans.

They knew I had no job or home.

They also knew that I couldn't use my criminal justice degree, as I have glaucoma and cannot see well.I have been discriminated against.

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