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Where do I begin, unfortunately it's not a love story. It's something really pretty scammy, slimy. Ok, I will get with it. My husband graduated from DeVry with many years within an established career. My sweetie goes back to school, and receives a bachelor of science in a technology field. He already had an associates degree in his chosen field from DeVry many years before. His resume drips with experience from many top electronic companies. Now he has his degree, from what has become a "bottom of the barrel" university.

Yes, they say the job market is bad, but look there were 10 graduates in his chosen field from one of DeVry's campuses. In over five months time he did not receive one invitation to an interview, not one. Eight out of ten were placed in positions. Remember they have no experience, my sweetie has over twenty years in the field.

Suddenly, there is this mock interview with the Dean of the Department, along with the head of career services at a satellite campus. Well, my sweetie was there early and finally handed a warm lead for a software company engineer position. He was beside himself with joy, unfortunately the joy, joy did not last long. He looked at the requirements and realized his background did not fit. You see he is not a software engineer, and this is what he was offered. The business is a web based company helping people incorporate.

Ok, the Dean arrives, conducts the mock interview, then during the constructive criticism of his interview skills it was suggested that he form a corporation and work as a consultant. Hmm, form a corporation. Why? I mean didn't he graduate from DeVry to get a real job, you know medical, dental, retirement, you know those silly things called benefits. I mean he spent a small fortune for this degree. Now, he feels like a fool. He can't pay his student loans, they do nothing resembling job placement assistance. Although they placed all of the inexperienced grads, why not him? If the saying that experience trumps education is true, well now this man has BOTH!

I have to go back to the consulting, the incorporating, the scamminess of it all! Just imagine what they dreamed of making off of him. He get's $20 an hour, while the Dean, and the other guys in career services get to split the other $50.00 an hour. He gets "farmed out" like a piece of equipment and never is the wiser. What a free ride! A total rip!

If this was offered up front on the table as a figure of speech ok at least he knows and can make an informed decision; instead its hidden only tangentially referred to, never an openly stated intention. Well consider that the Dean also happens to be the CEO of his very own consulting firm, hmm what a coincidence! He could have been direct in October with offering a position in his consulting firm. My sweetie would have entered into negotiating a fair wage for this IF it was upfront and honestly presented. That was not how it happened! We firmly believe that he was being set up for somebody else to reap a benefit from his labor. Back in November he was asked by a representative of Career Services how he was "fixed" financially. He mistakenly admitted he was ok until the end of March. He regrets this statement today. The mock interview was held in March towards the end of the month. Hmm, what coincidence!

Yes we have little direct proof of this as a solid legal case, however, we have discovered one of the eight students incorporated, his resume is a complete fabrication probably with the Dean's blessing of course. There is another student that may have incorporated also. This requires more research.

So be careful, go to a state university, a junior college to start off. Save your the money and grief that theses places will give you.

Not only do they *** on the front end, they *** when you leave. My sweetie said it once was a very fine, and well respected technical college. He feels badly about this change. I laugh and tell him it's only a corporation and many of them are rotten today, this is just another one. I mean look do they have a football team?, a basketball team?

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thank you so much for this post I have been on the phone with them to register online,even did my fafsa.which showed me that devry has a33% graduation rate,47% retention rate and N/A transfer rate that to me looked scary coming from the site so I have been looking at reviews yikes! Im saddened by your review and yet, thankfull...


Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate."V" is in every one of us who still cherish FAIRNESS, JUSTICE and EQUALITY...Let his message live forever!"

Education should not be associated with scholasticism. There are men who have never seen the inside of a university who are superior to those and worth more to society than those who carried away the highest honors.


The number of students at its DeVry Brazil operations increased 18 percent year-over-year and new enrollment was up 29 percent year-over-year. The company says it “continues to invest in new programs and new campus locations” in the country.

NO REGULATIONS ON PAPER MILL DEGREES. Bunch of backward ignorant people like India who will make for profit school owners rich while getting fools gold in return.

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