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Herman A. DeVry was born in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany, November 26th, 1876,son of Wilhelm H. DeVry and Maria Kunigunde of Dirnberger, Germany. At the age of nine he came to this country with his parents and attended the PUBLIC SCHOOLS. NOT FOR PROFIT SCHOOL OR PRIVATE UNIVERSITY.

After receiving educational training offered in American public schools, this young man began his business career as a salesman & then a retail sporting goods establishment.

A DeVry diploma has become nothing more than a worthless paper mill piece of trash that won't even get you in the front dour of a reputable company.

Ask those who graduated from DeVry in the top of their class & are now standing in the long unemployment lines. Reputable companies file DeVry paper mill applicants in their "Don't call us, we'll call you cabinet. Meaning no call back in this century. Met two DeVry graduates at the local Starbucks and one was doing janitor work while the other was flipping hamburgers at a fast food place just to pay the rent. They couldn't even pay the last 6 months of their loans much less get any credit to buy a car or home. Ruined their lives forever.

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‘Steve F.Brown’ is no longer ‘President of DeVry in Orlando Fl.’ His new title is ‘Executive Coach at DeVry University’ at DeVry’s Downers Grove, IL location since Oct.

2011.Seems more of a demotion than a promotion after the Central Fl Workforce firings and DeVry’s lost profits due to less student enrollment.


To Donald: UPDATE: Steve F.Brown --- ‘WAS’ President of DeVry in Orlando, FL and one of FL Workforce Central’s Board of Directors.

According to the Sentinel, Governor Scott FIRED ALL of Central Florida Workforce Staff and their Board of Directors in Sept. of 2011. They now have all new board members and are in the process of permanently filling the position of President/Chief Executive Officer.

Since 2006, Workforce Central Florida had spent more than $5.3 million in ways that violated federal spending regulations.

The agency received more than $100 million in federal funding in five years to pay for worker training, offer job-search assistance and to help local companies find qualified employees.

Instead the agency awarded lucrative contracts to Board Members, Spent more than $700,000 in job-training money on legal settlements and created a $73,000 outreach program that proposed handing out Red Superhero Capes to the Unemployed.

The Sacked Central Florida Workforce Staff were each given a ‘Red Superhero Cape’ as they had given out to the unemployed.Looks like Steve Brown was one of the privileged ones to get another position within DeVry's corporate offices.


DeVry is well known for their Diploma Mills Degrees of Deception.Don't be fooled by their marketing tactics….Ask yourself why most of their schools enroll students from low income families who receive free scholarships and state grants, military and government aid.

You won’t find any elite alumni at DeVry. After having to comply with new education policies, DeVry share profits plunged 90 percent. Ask yourself this question---- Are you willing to risk your entire future and college education to dishonest for-profit businesses like DeVry who cannot guarantee their graduates any better than the minimum- wage service industry?

It’s your life.Think twice before enrolling at DeVry.


We will win this fight to save all student's education. It is time all students take a stand to stop these rich corporate bastards from STEALING our College Education so they can get richer and richer.We will Fight to the End and use every legal channel to do it.

Shares of DeVry Inc. tumbled 8 percent Friday January 27, 2012 after the education company reported that its net income plunged by 90 percent during the second quarter as a crackdown on for-profit schools by regulators drove enrollments down.

Last summer, the U.S. Department of Education tightened financial aid standards for for-profit schools in an attempt to improve graduation rates. By fall, DeVry's undergraduate enrollment had dropped 13 percent and new enrollments fell by 25 percent.

to V #761290

Jay here.Passes veteran and would like more info.

J a y Miller 214 @ get mail.Com


I am a student who was approved for two scholarships in September 2011 and last week I found out that I am only getting one.The way finaicail aid did my classes was with both scholarships.

And now DeVry ius telling me I owe them 2200.00 out of pocket since the financial aid guy mark told me I was fully covered for classes and now I;m not. I have been addressing this since last week and no one wants to fix their mistake. Also I was schedualed for 9 credit hours and today one of the student advisors sent online regisatrs office a thing telling them to drop me from my BIS155 class. They did not have my permittion to do this.

Now I have no more 3 credit classes the rest aer 4 credits they told me it would be another 600.00 on top of the 2200.00 that I would have to pay back.

I don't think i should have ot pay babck anything since I was told that everything was covered especially when I was apporved with the two scholarships and only recieved one.

What do I do can anyone help me with this?


DeVry is well known for their Diploma Mills Degrees of Deception. Don't be fooled by their marketing tactics. :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :cry :cry ...

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You forgot to mention when Governor Scott FIRED ALL of Central Florida Workforce Staff and their Board of Directors -


Must be one of DeVry's success stories.

You're Fired !!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin ...

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The investigation into Workforce Central Florida included one of the stupidest marketing schemes which the taxpayers of Florida ended paying for. It involved a thoughtless marketing campaign with the chairman of the board for the job agency marching around in a red super-hero cape. Whaaaat !!! Yep, you heard right folks! A red super-hero cape. It was Workforce Central Florida’s ingenious marketing campaign where they wasted $14,000 on 6000 red capes to hand out to job-seekers who visited their offices. People who were unemployed became extremely insulted and told Workforce personnel that their red capes weren't going to get any job seeker real employment. It was a *** and irresponsible waste of taxpayer’s money

This is what happens when marketing lets an "ad agency" put a tired "creative" idea before strategy, with no real insight or consideration of their audience. Way to think it through guys.

It was also reported that Workforce of Central Florida spent $250,000 tax dollars on staff cars amongst the $73,000 wasted by the agency now currently being investigated.

Governor Scott finally did something right when he FIRED ALL of Central Florida Workforce Staff and their Board of Directors.

They should all be given one of their red Super-hero capes so they can jump off the tallest building in central Florida. "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" Splat ! I’d presume the red cape didn’t help find you folks another job. Who...

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Don't let the winds of life take your ship without steering.Get a college education where they truly teach the foundations you'll need in life.

DeVry is NOT that place.

They are a business and their only motives are to get rich by enrolling any student who can pay cash, or has student scholarships like Bright Futures and government grants and military financial support.Please don;t waste your years at DeVry to realize in the end that the paper mill degree won't even get you through the front door of reputable companies.Most well-known companies will not consider you if DEVRY is where you graduated.

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