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Please note that Devry is not a scam. However, unless you use some sort of military benefits or company tuition reimbursement, you are SCREWED.

For example, if you use a Federal Pell Grant and think that this will cover your tuition..IT WON'T. don't be fooled. Last year, the Pell Grant was 5500 per year for students that qualified. The tuition is 8800 per 16 week session if you are going full time.

That means that this is only covering 4 classes. If you want to actually finish your degree, you have to some how get $63,000 to finish your education.

If you're only getting $5500 per year. Do the math, you will be in debt for a boatload of money that is in student loans.

And here's one more insider tidbit. They ONLY give you $57,000 in loans that you can take for your bachelor degree and something like $27,000 in loans if you're trying to finish your Associates degree. So, the math...even if you're not good in math. If you don't get a lot of grants on your own or find some secret scholarships from fairy land, you CAN'T even complete your degree at ALL.

That means 40,000 in loans at the least and you're not even done with your degree. Try getting a job to pay that off with NO Degree.

Good Luck, Students! Do your research first.

Monetary Loss: $63000.

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DeVry’s motto : ‘You can tailor your DeVry University experience to meet the demands of your schedule. Your education is an investment. We help you prepare for the real challenges you'll face in the workplace by bringing the real world into the classroom. Enjoy the confidence that comes from earning your degree from a reputable university that's respected by top employers. That means at DeVry University, you'll earn more than a degree. You'll receive a career education that can lead to career success. ‘

>>> The only thing you have to remember is that your success will not happening in this lifetime especially if you have one of DeVry’s paper-mill degrees but you will have the huge burden of government loans to repay for a lifetime for making the mistake of investing your education in DeVry. The fat cats have to get rich from all the ignorant students who don’t know any better.

Leaders in education know the way… Go the way… And show the way. All DeVry can offer to their students is the road to failure and endless debt. The fat cats live high and mighty in their rich houses while never concerned about the many lives they screwed over. DeVry along with other for-profits schools invest more money in their marketing and ads and are incapable of providing any form of advanced education. Their software and equipment is always broken and exams are open-book for most courses. Students can easily get copies of the exams or cleverly put them in their notes since notebooks are allowed during exams.

A college education isn’t worth mentioning unless it can positively impact the students who paid for it. If the degree is worthless to major employers than the education was just as worthless.


Each of us was in your life for a reason. You may not have known the reason at the time but sometimes when people sacrifice something so precious, as a university education; not everyone is willing to lose it to a bunch of thieves at DeVry. There are no random acts and we are all connected. You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind.

New rules and regulations are now sending a clear message to All For-Profit educational institutions that their students' outcomes matter. The Federal government will continue cracking down on all for-profit education businesses that have stolen so many students' university education while their executives kept getting richer. The Time Is Now – For All To Take A Stand to Protect Our Rights as Students in obtaining a Creditable University Education.

All ending are beginnings. We just don't know it at the time...Students will stand together to fight to get a reasonable university education and thieves like DeVry and other for-profit schools will learn they can’t get away with stealing our rights to an education. No story sits by itself. Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another completely, like stones beneath a river.


The investigation into Workforce Central Florida included one of the stupidest marketing schemes which the taxpayers of Florida ended paying for. It involved a thoughtless marketing campaign with the chairman of the board for the job agency marching around in a red super-hero cape. Whaaaat !!! Yep, you heard right folks! A red super-hero cape. It was Workforce Central Florida’s ingenious marketing campaign where they wasted $14,000 on 6000 red capes to hand out to job-seekers who visited their offices. People who were unemployed became extremely insulted and told Workforce personnel that their red capes weren't going to get any job seeker real employment. It was a st**id and irresponsible waste of taxpayer’s money

This is the result of marketing letting an "ad agency" put a tired "creative" idea before strategy, with no real insight or consideration of their audience. Way to think it through guys.

It was also reported that Workforce of Central Florida spent $250,000 tax dollars on staff cars amongst the $73,000 wasted by the agency now currently being investigated.


They should all be given one of their red Super-hero capes so they can jump off the tallest building in central Florida. "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" Splat ! I’d presume the red cape didn’t help find you folks another job. Who willing to go first to see if that red cape will really help them fly into another rewarding job? Hard to imagine being unemployed isn’t it? Especially in a recession when your fat ad agency executive salaries allowed you to sit back and stroke each other’s egos. You all should realize that despite Superman’s incredible superpowers even he had a weakness to Kryptonite.



“DeVry Inc. a world leader in providing educational services.” The BIGGEST LIE among for-profit schools.

DeVry might be a world leader profiting off student scholarships and grants but they don’t deliver the education necessary for graduates to get a decent job afterward. Paper mill degrees are on the rise during the recession with for-profit universities like DeVry making empty promises and robbing students of a valuable university education.

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