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Lost a college education needed to advance in my job. DeVry's financial staff's incompetence & misleading information caused an addition financial hardship for my family since DeVry failed to deliver the quality education it promised upon enrollment.

Where are the regulators protecting students & our investments? Devry needs a shake down & internal audit of how they misappropriate grants & scholarship money.

Brick and mortar traditional non profit schools are the best choice where the primary concern is education not the for profit *** job DeVry thrives on. DeVry is a business institution so don't fall for the hype from their savoir-faire employees. Their associates are well-paid to mislead consumers to sign their contract. Hook, line and sinker is what they say. DeVry's primary interest is profit and not quality education. If you want a quality education, look elsewhere.

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Shaker Heights, Ohio, United States #633384

DeVry like many other colleges deliver federal aid per the Department of Education's guidelines and regulations. It is our job as consumers to educate ourselves on the process and how it works.

The government does not pay you to go to school, there is no free money. Every student that uses federal student loans is required to complete a Master Promissory Note, within this not it is very clear that you are taking out a loan that must be repaid, whether you are satisfied with your education or not.

Furthermore, if you do more research on post-secondary education, you will find that many colleges and universities, public and private are suffering from lowered enrollment. As with any agreement, you must read everything carefully and not just sign where you are instructed.


I just want to comment that what ever courses you have completed are transferable. I know there are blogs that were written ten years ago that their credits were not accepted by many universities. Well I have an inside secret that would benefit you to know.

Many colleges, private and public are in economic trouble, and it has nothing to do with the bullsh*t excuse of rising cost of education. What has happened in the last 4 years is, many universities and colleges have taken out loans for constructing buildings.

75% of the cost is simply wasteful spending. SMU aka Southern Methodist University, UTD university of Texas at Dallas and even Universtiy of Texas at Arlington spent millions of dollars on construction projects. Like I said alot of the cost could have been spared but what can you do?

Now that you know this somewhat lesser known secret, colleges are desperate for whatever tuition money they can get their hands on because they are neck high in debt to the big mega banks that loaned them money for their grandios construction projects.

Now that you know this, even snoby upscale universities are accepting credits from DeVry university when maybe 3 - 4 years ago they declined accepting credits from them.

Why, because they are in a financial mess, and they are desperate. Just like how desperate Donald Trump was when he found out how much money he was really making and how much he owes to the banks.

I hope you didn't make the mistake of dropping out, but knowing this information should give you a piece of mind that not all time at DeVry was lost and your classes will most likely transfer.

Best Regards,


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