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I am currently a student at devry U. I have no complaint about the quality of education, and I do not know how the degree is met by companies.

I guess I am on the path of finding out. What I am infuriated with is the lack of support or courtesy of its staff. Every minute I have to call with some silly problem. Constantly you will be dropped from courses; of course with notice but it changes at random and will.

I am personally signed up for the wrong courses after speaking to an "academic advisor". It was not what was discussed or emailed. They are plain tacky and unethical. They do not care.

As if my complaints were not bad enough, I hear the chatter from others with problems with the institution in every arena. From cost, to finance dept, to value, to assistance and some of what occurs to me. Being dropped within days of being registered for a course.

It is a business not an education facility. It must change.

Monetary Loss: $21000.

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The investigation into Workforce Central Florida included one of the stupidest marketing schemes which the taxpayers of Florida ended paying for. It involved a thoughtless marketing campaign with the chairman of the board for the job agency marching around in a red super-hero cape. Whaaaat !!! Yep, you heard right folks! A red super-hero cape. It was Workforce Central Florida’s ingenious marketing campaign where they wasted $14,000 on 6000 red capes to hand out to job-seekers who visited their offices. People who were unemployed became extremely insulted and told Workforce personnel that their red capes weren't going to get any job seeker real employment. It was a st**id and irresponsible waste of taxpayer’s money

This is the result of marketing letting an "ad agency" put a tired "creative" idea before strategy, with no real insight or consideration of their audience. Way to think it through guys.

It was also reported that Workforce of Central Florida spent $250,000 tax dollars on staff cars amongst the $73,000 wasted by the agency now currently being investigated.

Governor Scott finally did something right when he FIRED ALL of Central Florida Workforce Staff and their Board of Directors - STEVE BROWN - PRESIDENT OF DEVRY CENTRAL FL SCHOOLS AND FLORIDA'S WORKFORCE CENTRAL”S DIRECTOR.

They should all be given one of their red Super-hero capes so they can jump off the tallest building in central Florida. "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" Splat ! I’d presume the red cape didn’t help find you folks another job. Who willing to go first to see if that red cape will really help them fly into another rewarding job? Hard to imagine being unemployed isn’t it? Especially in a recession when your fat ad agency executive salaries allowed you to sit back and stroke each others egos. You all should realize that despite Superman’s incredible superpowers even he had a weakness to Kryptonite.


I CAME, I SAW, I LEFT QUICKLY ! I was not willing to risk my college education or my future.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office showed overwhelming evidence that for-profit colleges like DeVry encouraged fraud and engaged in deceptive marketing practices. Applicants were even encouraged by college personnel to falsify their financial aid forms to qualify for more aid. Federal law requires career education programs that receive federal student aid to "prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation but for-profit college recruiters significantly exaggerated average salaries for the degree programs and certificates they provided.

The for-profit college industry and its highly paid lobbyists continue fighting to weaken the proposed rules so exploitative businesses can keep profiting from student’s federal aid money

It’s time to rein in unscrupulous for-profit colleges and protect students and taxpayers. Define gainful employment now so we can finally regulate these deceptive career education and training programs and establish desperately needed industry standards.


Here's the truth - You looked at Columbia and NYU and chose DeVry? Chances are, you would not get into either one. Since DeVry is open enrollment, you got in with anyone else that also has a pulse. Just as long as you could pay cash up front or are eligible for Free Govt grants or scholarships. Easy way for businesses like DeVry to get rich while you're so proud holding on to your toilet paper degree. What A Joke!

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Those who are in power over the world's wealth, and of politics, are postured to topple the world, and precipitate the crisis at the right time bringing every person in the world to their knees, then the Antichrist will come. He will be to the world "the savior".




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