Signed up with DEVRY after many years of reluctance since coming back from Iraq due to my PTSD. I have a hard time concentrating when being stuck in a room full of people I dont know.

I finally got the courage to face my fears and go back to school. Devry was close to my work and I was told that my GI BILL would be accepted there. I was given the impression that I would be able to do the online class plus only two classes a week. I thought my computer would work after being told the tech requirments for the online classes.

The online site of theirs where you go to download books even compared it self to being like Itunes for books. I currently have Itunes on my computer and it works with no problems. I attended the first week of classes and after getting the list of books i needed to download, i went home and attempted to download the books. However the site did not work and I kept getting errors.

I went online and spoke with their tech support. I told them about my problem, gave them all the information of what my laptop is and the programs i run off of it. They could not figure out why it would not work and did not resolve the problem. So after days of trying i realized the next week was approaching, i had double assignments due and could not meet academic expectations.

I was going to fail the class and started having major anxiety. The GI BILL money did not go through yet and I could not afford a new computer. So i decided to drop the course before the 2nd week started. I figured that since i dropped with in the allowed time, there would not be any problems.

I would just wait to get a new laptop later on and go back to school. A couple months pass by and i get a bill saying that I owe more than $3000 and that a minimum payment of $320 is due this month. Since i was relying on the GI bill to pay my tuition im screwed. The GI bill money never went through because i dropped the courses within the first week.

And now im expected to pay for the semester as if I did attend all the classes, with out the GI BILL money. They even included the cost of course materials in that bill. So even though their *** system would not allow me to download any course materials, im still expected to pay for it. That would be like going to a book store, asking for a book and being told they cant give it to you, and then sending you the bill for the book they refused to give you.

I am contesting it, but it looks like im still going to have to pay the cost of attending two classes, which is way over priced. The majority of the class was spent doing student introductions and getting to know each other. Only half the class in one class and a quarter of the other class was spent going over actual course instruction. So i basicly spent a whole lot of money to meet a bunch of people who I will never see again.

Im hoping they at least take the full cost of course materials. but I dont expect much after reading the other reviews.

Ive looked over reviews and complaints from countless other websites about DEVRY and in all these forums, the only people who defended DEVRY on there were DEVRY employees. Not one single student defended DEVRY.

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Champaign, Illinois, United States #687432

I am a veteran also. I pretty much did the same as you.

Only difference with me is they never did the paperwork for the CH.33 GI Bill. Then told me I could no longer attend.

I later find out that they are trying to charge me over 4,000 for 3 weeks. I have reported them to the VA, BBB, and I am about to get a lawyer.


Im a veteran and I just filed a complaint with the VA about Devry.

I dropped out after THEY put me in the wrong classes ( i still finished those classes as required by the GIBill and my student loan). I scored the highest youcould on the test and after they put me in the WRONG course, they told me i couldnt change to the correct one. I had to "stick with what i had".

Yeah right. So i transfered to my local state college and will have my BA in computer science in 4 years as opposed to 3.5 (yeah devry told me 2 years, turns out its more like 3.5). I will have a degree thats not watered down, and I will pay half as much.

I did NOT sign up for summer classes this summer and now they are telling me "im enrolled in summer classes" and owe them 1900 dollars for them.



I'm currently enrolled at DeVry taking the CIS program. Im currently in my third semester and I agree with the people above.

If you look at the fees included with your classes, they include any and all labs, and book. However thats not true. My current C# class requires me to purchase the book at the low low rate of $106 used from the campus book store, or new for $108 + s&h via their site store. And it is true that they only care about their money, and not their students.

But ***, I'm getting a free ride using my post 9-11 GIBILL, and I'm making the most of it, so minimum complaints.

Just letting you know...if your planning on going to DeVry, plan on paying for it! :cry :?

to Devry CIS student... Los Angeles, California, United States #612113

Hi, I am considering this program starting in May 2013. Are you getting full BAH?

I know the school is pricey but the campuses are very modern and technical.

I was quite impressed with their setup. Please let me know.




call Senator Harken from Iowa in Washington DC. The good Senator is doing an investigation on these for profit universities. He would love to hear your complaint. He or his office can direct you on where to go for help.

Dept. of Veteran Affairs is another source. I read on a site where a man like yourself, a veteran in a similar situation did not have to pay it after he went there for help. Go for it. Make your voice heard. It helps all of us.


PS Thank you for all you have done for our country. God bless you.


As a former admissions advisor of a half decade at DeVry Online, I can tell you, "An Actual DeVry Student", that DeVry does charge for e-books. Average book is between 50 and 200 dollars. Unless our poor military friend got out ON DAY 1, he would owe the school at least a percentage of the tuition. If he was taking 2 classes and dropped from them both, he could be on the hook for over $2500 by week 2 PLUS books.

DeVry does not want to see students drop out, but they don't mind. They make their money on the first 4 weeks a student is in. More than 40% of the student base stops attending after completing less than 4 classes. Assuming they have to pay for each of those classes in full, that is 7000 plus books and fees. Times current enrollment of 80,000, that's 556 MILLION dollars (Ironically, just about even to the stock portfolio outline of 550 Million in revenue in 2010.)

It is a company and they make a HUGE profit margin off of the students using things like GI Bill and student loans. Assuming that 400 Million of that revenue is student loans, grants and GI Bill (Federal aid), DeVry stockholders are making a profit of $140,000,000 annually from that federal cash. That is 140 million worth of federal aid that could have full paid for the annual first year tuition to the University of Illinois, the University of Texas or the University of Wisconsin 10,250 times.

Ten thousand full 1 year scholarships every year are going directly from our taxes to the pockets of the DeVry investors.

For profit college executives should all be put in prison.


First off, let me say that I am an actual Devry student who is currently working on his Bachelors Degree in Multi-Media Design. Devry University is a great university, yes it is expensive but you get what you pay for. I went to several other less expensive colleges before switching to Devry, and after being treated like a number instead of a student, I switched to Devry University and for good reason, they actually treat their students with respect and do everything they can to make sure they succeed. Versus the other institution where the majority of people that graduate from them don't even use their degrees because they were allowed to pass and graduate without actually learning the knowledge they need to succeed. Nothing like having a college degree while standing in the un-employment line or waiting tables at TGI Fridays. I on the other hand was actually promoted to Web Manager at my company before I even graduated with my Associates Degree, their teaching methods are very effective but you have to actually try, study, and manage your time wisely. That means sacrificing time with friends, playing less video games, and sleeping less.

I don't really believe that the complainer above was ever enrolled at Devry, he sounds more like a staff member of the competition, here is why.

1. Devry does not charge for their e-books, you can download them all day long for free via Myscribe. The only way you ever get charged for books is if you buy an actual paper version at their book store, which mind you is still cheaper than the ridiculously priced books at other universities and even community colleges. Compare an average $40-$100 dollars per book at Devry to the $80-$150 dollar books at your community college. You know, the community college that doesn't care whether you succeed or not as long as you keep paying the tuition.

Second, if you were an actual military member you would have better discipline, would be better organized, and wouldn't rush into something without making sure your funds, materials (aka computer) were functioning properly, and you definitely wouldn't be complaining and blaming one of the best learning institutions that America has to offer.

Devry has many military personnel that it proudly teaches and supports both at home and abroad via the internet. Military personnel can actually attend class while serving their country in some of the most desolate regions such as Afghanistan, trust me I know.

3. If you did have an issue such as the one explained above, Devry would do everything they can to accommodate you. Some courses that students have difficulty with such as the math classes, and fail them, Devry actually will let them take them again for free in an effort to make sure they succeed. Try doing that at any other university.

So if the above story is true, and I have my doubts, but if it is, it sounds more like you started at Devry unprepared, dropped the ball, and instead of picking it up and running with it, you just gave up and cried later when you got a bill. Which again sounds very unlikely as Devry makes sure you have your funding before they even allow you to start class.

Also if you never heard any students come to defend Devry before this post of mine, it's probably because they are all studying, or they see right through your story. Consequently, this will probably be the last sob story I ever reply to.

But for all of those who actually read stories like these be forewarned. Their are companies out their who hire people to make up false stories, and accusations against their competitors, hoping to drive business away from the competition and to their own schools. Don't ever take a sob story like this to heart. Be a smart consumer and do your own independent research before you attend any University, hire someone for their services, or buy their products. Don't even take my word for it, do your own research. But as far as Devry University is concerned, it is one of the better Universities, it just celebrated it's 80th anniversary, was founded by well known industry leader Dr. Hermann A. Devry who was a pioneer in our industrial revolution. Google his name, you will find tons of literature on him. Not to mention that Devry has actually started a program with local underprivileged high schools to teach their students the necessary skills needed to succeed in today's work force. These students will actually have the opportunity to graduate high school with an associates degree.

Devry University in my opinion is a leader in today's failing educational system.

to An Actual Devry Student! Imagi Los Angeles, California, United States #612120

I am quite impressed with their whole setup. I really enjoyed the tour I got today with their campus and my community college is a far cry from being as modern and well equipped as DeVry seems to be.

The old "typical" school system was always a failure in my opinion because they didn't care if you passed or failed. This leads me to believe perhaps why Americans are falling behind in education. The professors are extremely knowledgeable at Embry which is another for profit school, there are no "breaks" or "free lunches" with them. It's all about participation, studying, tests, quizzes, and homework.

Not sure why these places are getting lambasted. Companies like Macy's are working with University of Phoenix to help their employees get a better education and so the idea that companies aren't looking at private colleges is a pure hoax.

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