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I went to check out DeVry University one day. The school looked run down, but I thought it could work. After going to school there, it was like buying a used car from a car lot. You checked the car out before you bought it, but you know there will be some issues. I remember taking my first class there and thinking, "Is this my professor?" My English professor was disorganized and I felt she really didn't have a well planned lesson plan.

Moving on, I am enrolled in the Multimedia Design and Development program. This program is not one of DeVry's standards, meaning this program is relatively new to DeVry and they haven't set the program up right and they are still trying to figure out what they are doing. All at the same time while you're paying top dollar for it. It's like paying to go see a movie and then waiting for them to set the movie up even though you there on time to see its completion. This reminds me much of Americas products, half-assed and made to screw the consumer.

DeVry's Multimedia programming is sorely outdated. It makes me feel like demanding my money back for lack of an education only to end up with some worthless piece of costly paper. They still teach Flash even though Flash is dead. Their professors barely know the principles they are teaching and most of them don't have CURRENT real working world insight. There are some good professors, mostly their gen. ed. professors, but core program professors are sorely lacking.

So, back to the used car analogy. I didn't realize that DeVry University has a daycare system. They have a great program for the under privilaged kids of the neighborhood and offer them free rides to graduate with an Associates by the time they are out of high school. So these annoying ungrateful brats make their way in to the Mac Lab (and other parts of the school), which was built for the Multimedia program, playing around on Facebook and acting like idiots while you try to study. Is this a University or a day care center? I wonder sometimes. They hide this from you when you visit.

DeVry likes to charge you for things and say they are doing you a favor. It's the whole reverse psychology thing. For example, CTA bus passes. Instead of having to sign-up for this service, you have to opt-out. What? So, they already made the decision for me, didn't tell me about it, and then wants me to make time to opt-out for a service that I should have to sign-up for. Games like this makes me wonder about DeVry's intent.

Lastly, one of DeVry's selling points, accelerated 8 week courses, graduate sooner! Save money! What a joke! Yeah, graduate sooner with a worthless piece of paper that gets laughed at by employers. I hear people say they love this set-up and I can't see why. I can see if you don't like doing work. I can see if you like to not learn anything and still pass. I can see if you can't speak English that well, but hope that somehow miraculously a degree from DeVry will get you that job even though you can't even speak the main language properly (These people I feel for the most because most of them don't know what they are missing). DeVry prefers their students to be substandard because that's how they keep their stock prices up. And the 8 week course structure is made more to take advantage of its students than provide them with a quality education they can use. DeVry could be good, but they choose to be substandard. Consider other possibilities before this school, but if you wanna be substandard then join the crew of unemployable graduates of DeVry!

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My experience at DeVry is a bit different, but I would not recommend DeVry to anyone. I had some really good teachers that were bound in that 8 week class nonsense and they would complain that things were to rapid.

I had an English teacher that daily would proclaim that she taught at ivy league schools, like Columbia and NW, as though she stepped in a pile of dog doo-doo landing a job at DeVry. DeVry and Keller were just something for me to do, and while I attended I had several hardships in my life that caused me to make bad decisions, such as selecting DeVry. My marriage was a train wreck, and I sacrificed my good educations for my ex-wife to attend a famous hoity toity art school in Chicago.

Now she is still bar-tending, and I am making $100K after attending a state university. I defaulted on my $28K DeVry and Keller loans because I will not pay for an education that I cannot put on my resume.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #593779

This school is terrible. I can't believe the government lets them operate their *** poor services to the public.

I mean sure it's a private school, but there should be some kind of regulation for the course content they have for some of these classes, some sort of level of quality should be met when it comes to education. And DeVry definitely falls below a high school level education. None of their courses seem like college course, it's like taking high school courses all over again. DeVry University = Glorified High School.

I'm in the process of transferring out. Don't let them fool you with their crappy accreditation. It means nothing and is merely a ploy to get you locked in. Their core classes will NOT transfer to any school because they teach you nothing of college level.

I cut my loses and I am out as soon as I get everything settled. :(

Chicago, Illinois, United States #585482

Not to mention they don't have a JavaScript course. How can you have a Multimedia Design and Development program with out a course in Javascript?!?! This is what employers are looking for these days.


PBJ : Your DeVry is not the only one that is disorganized, technology courses & equipment outdated.The Professors are not up to date either on current technology and desperately in need of updated courses. My HS teachers taught more than what I learned in 3 core courses at DeVry.

The only difference was that a public HS educations is free and DeVry charged exorbitant prices for courses that were useless to further anyone's career. There wasn't much advanced planning in the courses as we were told to read online books which anyone could do without having to enroll at a university.

One of my professor's lacked any professionalism openly discussing her pregnancy saying her 2nd child was from one of her former students at Devry. What?

And not married still. Did she really feel the class needed to know this.It was funny when someone asked if he got an A in her class. Finally transferred to a local univ. with only half my credits-basically had to start all over again since DeVry's courses were inadequate to universities where they have a definitive course plan.

Do yourselves a favor and not waste your education where the school lacks high education standards like DeVry. No wonder they are losing student enrollments and their graduate rate continues falling.




I've run across several complaints just like mine. Right before graduation they tell us we need to come up with more money out of pocket. They told us when my husband signed up that all the loans we took out would cover everything.

Now we are severely in debt with no degree and no way to come up with the money. SCAMMERS!!!

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