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The main reason consumers remove their complaints from companies like DeVry is because they are threatened with lawsuits among other threats. Most businesses like DeVry know the unlikelihood of students taking legal actions against their well-paid aggressive lawyers.

DeVry is known to hire people simply to review any negative comments or complaints against them on the Internet. These people are paid employees of DeVry to defend the reputation of their company regardless of how many legitimate complaints against them. Ever wonder why DeVry expands their Business to areas where they know they'll get the most tuition paid for with government grants. The company has expanded its operations in Latin American markets like Brazil and is looking to expand to developing countries like China and India.

There remains a lack of government regulations with businesses like DeVry failing to protect the consumers who are misled by false promises in providing a superior university education. DeVry's executives are well-aware how easy it is to get rich taking advantage of students who won't have the resources necessary to hire a lawyer protecting their student rights when they are ripped off. AND RIP OFF IS WHAT DEVRY IS. Don't be fooled by their ads or recruiting personnel.

These are well-trained individuals working only for DeVry's best interests and their commission / bonus for every enrolled student who signs a contract.

Do the research and be aware that most of the encouraging comments posted for DeVry are made by paid employees and not actual students. Students rarely have time from their studies to post complaints if they weren't legit and if DeVry provided them an upright education.

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I was told i could pay nearly all my four year degree with the Federal student loan cap. Here I am barely halfway through my Sophomore year with nearly 46,000$ in debt, and according to a true accredited university I won't be finished with school for nearly another three years.

I maintained a decent 3.57 GPA. I had to eat 2 classes because of lack of instructor response to questions.

I want some of that money back so I can finish my engineering degree at a school that really holds an ABET accreditation. strelief08@gmail.com


You can also find it on Pissed Consumer on FB... I am posting the data I supplied and wrote below..

on FB... Lets see if we can make this work!


I and my husband got cheated both by DeVry and Keller (same organization). This was done within our Fin Aid.

Long story short if you have been cheated by the above mentioned for profit organization then post here with your email and stay anonymous about who you are email is sufficient- I am planning on organizing a Class action. However this is what is required to create one see below:

1.Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuits (getting scammed or ripped off, falling a victim of false advertising);this includes financial issues.

2. What are the requirements to class actions?

According to the Federal Rules of the Civil Procedure there are four main requirements to class action:

1) Numerosity - class must contain at least 35 persons;

2) Commonality - fact of question of law must be common to the whole class; 3) Typicality - one or several persons can sue or be sued as representatives of the class; 4) The chosen representative(s) must fairly protect interests of the group. 3.

What are the pros and cons of a class action? Before participating in a class action lawsuit, one should carefully weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. Pros of a class action lawsuit: - higher judicial efficiency; - lower litigation costs which are spread among class members; - power of group; - equalizes the power of individuals and entities; - higher level of certainty for defendants; - the opportunity for plaintiffs to get protected for less costs; - greater uniformity of recoveries among similar plaintiffs; - proportional damage recovery for all plaintiffs. Cons of a class action lawsuit: - threat of hurting other members` legitimate claims; - lack of decision making control; - lack of control for unnamed plaintiffs; - higher complexity and prices; - greater resources and time of both court and attorneys; - limited types of compensation: money, rebates, coupons for future services.

4. How to file a class action lawsuit? Taking the following steps will help you to file a class action lawsuit: 1.Understand the problem which started the lawsuit. 2.Refer to an attorney that handles class action lawsuits.

3.Sign an agreement with an attorney to represent you in the class action. Get ready to pay a deposit against any attorney's fees incurred for representing your case. 4.File the class action lawsuit. Filing fee is obligatory unless you possess a filing waiver or deferral.

5.Make up a summons and complaint on the appropriate defendant(s). Process servers may be hired to perform this task. 6.Inform all members as per the order of the court. The notice is given either through publication in a major periodical, via mail or by personally serving notice.

A copy of the compliance certificate with the court's order is required. I will stay in contact via this page- I will keep my name off this page as we all know as to why. The needed number of people to go through with this 35 min.... find others if are able to research a little and add them here or direct them here with an email..

so we can forward with this. thank you, The Fighter

to Anonymous #1060648

Would like to join the class action lawsuit. Loributz79@gmail.com


Does Anyone Know ALL The Information Who Is Doing The NEW 2015 Devry Lawsuit.. Please Send Me Information.

I Would Like To Join.. Devry Overcharged Me.

They Just Cared About Money I Didn't Gained Nothing From Them.. xwin123@gmail.com

Puyallup, Washington, United States #972583

They tell you that you have financial aid even when you don't and then charge you for a class when you were told you have aid to cover it. They say I'll review what happened and get back and you hear nothing.

Very disappointed in how I've been treated over the last two years.

When I first started they were a different school than woo they are now. Be careful they don't seem to care about their student any more.

Houston, Texas, United States #966057

I like to know about if there is a class action law suit against Devry University. I attended from 2008 to 2013.

I feel ripped off.

I have over 105,000 in student loans and no job . They are currently holding my transcript because they claim that I owe then 977.00 which they have put in on my credit report.

Somerset, New Jersey, United States #933192

Contact me too about any any class action suit against Devry. Terlin222@yahoo.com

Denver, Colorado, United States #909994

They stole a whOle semester of my loan money and enrolled me in a course after I told them that I would no longer be a student there. They said if I were to drop then, that I would owe money, but if I stayed and completed one more class that I wouldn't owe and would receive a refund.

I waited to see and of course they charged me double! Luckily I never logged in to the course and dtopped it on time and they still never refunded any of the money they took! Even though I hadn't attended and droped way before the cut off date. I have emails to prove it, but now am about to go into default because I refuse to pay for something I never took.

Does anyone know who this fraud should be reported to? Any help would be awesome.

to Lena Denver, Colorado, United States #909995

Oh and I'm not remaining anonymous. My name is Marlena Stallsmith, so start looking back into you're records because this isn't the last you'll be hearing from me.

to Lena #1033098


Please email me!



please contact me if there's any class action suit against devry/keller at davidchila@yahoo.com

to dave Denver, Colorado, United States #909996

Have you heard anything?? If so can you fIll me in if so?


I want in as well! I had 8 classes left to graduate and now owe 80k in studen loans w/ no degree to show for it.

They didn't educate me at all on the loan processes so now there is no money to finish school. I'm about to be in repayment soon. I've had to put my loans in forebearance and that's almost up. My wife and I are terrified of the payments coming up.

We have a 3 year old and another due in 2 months. I too just wanted an education but their financial aid department only cares to find the funding THEY need and they do not inform you of anything other than "you're all set, here are your classes." My email address is jeremywstanley@icloud.com.

to Jeremy #835486

I am in the same boat. I have never heard of maxing out on a student loan and now with only a year to go they tell me that I can't attend anymore or I have to find a way to get another loan.

When I looked at my financial statements they have been collecting the money from a loan where they are charging me for housing, board, books & supplies, personal expenses, transportation on top of tuition and I haven't received money from these loans for any of it.

Everything that they say this loan is for has gone straight to the college instead of me plus they are getting money from FAFSA. Now they say that I owe over $72,000.

my email address is wrk4sfd@yahoo.com


Someone please contact me about a class action lawsuit as well, I went to DeVry,and unfortunately I was rather naive to the student loan process of which they took, I signed anything. I just wanted schooling, and when I realized the teaching method wasn't for me I began failing.

I only took 4 classes and now I am defaulted on my student loans $17,000+, I am a single mother of three children, unable to get work because of wage garnishment because of the loans.

I am at a loss. jessica.babcock86@gmail.com


I posted here February 5, 2013. I am very interested in a class action lawsuit and could use help from others in my position.

Please feel free to email me with any information or help to get our money back and start over!!!! loributz79@gmail.com

San Diego, California, United States #664565

I been attending since 2009/2010. I had to drop out of school because they kept raising the tuition every single year.

Becuase I dropped out of school, now they are charging me for a class that I never attended.

Stating that my financial AID did not cover the costs but looking at my Sallie Mae account it was charged through my financial AID. If there are any class action lawsuits, please email me at j_dominguez151@hotmail.com with information.

Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States #638206

I recently graduated from devry with AA i called the loan place after recieving my papers to see that I owed over $55,000 for an AA. So they are sending me fraud papers.

I graduated in sept 2012 and they still r taking out loans in my name, and sending me emails to fill out new fafsa forms for the 13-14 yr. So does anyone know of or want to do a class action lawsuit since they are ripping us off why should we pay for our degrees. They should pay us for attending their school.

And I still cant get a job in the medical field with my degree. HELP!!!!!

to brescher Orlando, Florida, United States #957178

Me to of Amy one knows about a law suit let me know benzoe007@bellsouth.net

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