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My list of complaints against DeVry/Keller is long but undistinguished. First and foremost is the fact that while at DeVry University, I was told by DeVry representatives, I could transfer my credits to anywhere in the world.

This proved not to be true as I recently found out. This explains why my Deans and Admissions personnel at DeVry key-holed me into enrolling at Keller University after my graduation. I was not made aware that DeVry had the incorrect accreditation for my success. Moreover, during my scholastic career at DeVry, I followed the syllabus and purchased a textbook that was outdated.

Upon commencing the class, I became aware of DeVry’s oversight and brought it to their attention. I asked for my near three hundred dollars in refund, since the mistake was DeVry’s and was told in no uncertain terms “no way.” Upon commencing my Bachelor’s program at DeVry, no one in admissions made me aware I did not have enough money disbursed to even enter the program. Shortly thereafter, I became painfully aware of this fact through research that I would now owe approximately five thousand dollars to continue. I had to beg, borrow but not steal the money to continue.

My inclination was to drop out, but I had already gone too far. Additionally, DeVry always played the shell-game with my refunds. My communiques would say one amount and when my remaining funds hit my accounts, I would always receive a drastically decreased amount. Recently, I spoke with two Human Resources Managers and asked them to review my resume.

These folks slapped me in the face with a dose of reality. They told me my problem was not my resume, but in fact it was that I attended DeVry and Keller.

Their words to me were that “DeVry/Keller puts out quantity but not quality.” Human Resources Mangers place DeVry and Keller at the bottom of the pile and sometimes never look at the submissions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Devry University Program.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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My list is so long something needs to be done. What is the next step.



Want to help file a class action lawsuit against DeVry?

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So True


Hello Vickye50, my name is Danyel from DeVry University. I was sorry to read about the frustrations you experienced while attending DeVry University and our Keller Graduate School of Management.

I would really love the opportunity to personally address your concerns and hear more about your experience with us.

Please send your contact information to so that I may follow up with you. I hope to hear from you soon!

to DeVryUniversity #1013883

Of course you would like this former student to contact you. The school knows for a fact that they are not regionally accredited that they are only nationally accredited which is basically an understatement that says I paid thousands to a company to produce a paper that is worth absolutely nothing at all.

This school like Corithians colleges are a fraud and take advantage of lower income, as well as down and out students that are new to this type of problem. People can be convinced that this school is worth their time and money until they go to apply to a job and notice that know one in their right mind will hire any student from any of the schools that are nationally accredited as it constitutes that the student is not very knowledgable about where they obtained their supposed degree.

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