I am currently attending DeVry, and have already landed a position as a project tech. while still enrolled in the project management program.

If it were such a scam, and DeVry was just milling out degrees, how would this be possible? It isn't even an entry level position, and I feel 100% confident in my ability at work.

I think some of the degree plans may not be of interest to certain employers, but then again, before landing this position I worked at starbucks, with two USC grads that could not land a job in there respective fields.

Nobody would ever say that USC is a bad school, or a scam, despite the fact that they are not for profit.

I have personally had nothing but good experiences, and if you feel you aren't getting the education you need, or do not feel you are learning, then why continue until the end, then decide to complain?

education doesn't come to you, you take it. You learn it.

I wish the best of luck to those saying it is a scam, but I have had zero issues, and am currently in a position with a company I plan on retiring with.

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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1234530

At the end of the day, whether you go to a garbage school like DeVry or Harvard, it matters about your personal ability. And maybe you are an excellent worker (to which I say "thank you!")

That does not change the fact that DeVry is a diploma factory

to Anonymous #1300381

A regionally accredited university is not a garbage school. There are many controlling factors in place to be sure that regionally accredited schools should do what they say they do. If you have evidence to the contrary, you should bring it to the regional accreditation body--Higher Learning Commission for DeVry.

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