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After giving birth to my first child i decided it was time to go to school! I am the first in my family to attend college so i had no one to give me advice since no one had been through it and i had no one there to notice the scam that DeVry really is.

I spoke with an adviser and ended up going with an associated degree in Health Information Technology. First off, during the interview and consult when we were trying to figure out which degree would best fit me i made it very clear i needed something that would pay off. Other wise, i would go be a teacher and do what i would love. So, he assures me that this is a growing career and it makes very good money and i listened to him.

I got signed up and was very excited to be in college. Now, i chose to do it all online since i was a brand new mommy, a stay at home mommy, that is what best fit me. I start my classes and with financial aid and what happens? The IT lab doesn't work with my computer!

I called technical support several times and we couldn't find the issue and there i was, failing my class because i was unable to access the work, much less complete it. I tried more and more to get the IT lab fixed with tech support and had no luck and my professor was never available to speak on the phone with me. Around week 4 i called up to the school again and said "this isn't working, i'm going to have to drop this class." They sat there and made me feel bad about it trying to convince me to keep trying so i did. A week later nothing had been resolved so i called again with my mind made up, i was going to drop the class.

Too Late! My financial aid had already been charged and they can't refund it and i have to pay to take it again?! Oh, and purchase a new computer! Well, i did it.

I kept going and for a year i studied hard and paid harder. I called up to financial aid so many times and was told so many different things. One person said to take this many credits and i wouldnt have an out of pocket fee and then i call back to double check around the time that the billing is done and they tell me i will have an out of pocket of 1,400! So i asked what i could do and they said if i dropped below 12 credit hours i wouldn't have an out of pocket but i would lose my scholarship because i went below full time.

BUT, they said that i had a one time thing with the scholarship so i could get it back later. So, i call again when the time comes to get the scholarship back and they tell me i can't get it back! I'm furious! A few months go by and I am trying to afford college with out a scholarship so i take out ANOTHER loan.

I start algebra and am at the point where i don't want to even try with this school anymore. I start looking up the average salary for the career i chose and it's less than a school teacher!! Then i find out i could actually get a job in this field with just my diploma! I called and said i wanted to transfer but i guess they don't transfer to other colleges so i would have to start all over again, so i bring up dropping out since community college is a third of the price.

They then tell me that if i drop out i will be responsible for my entire tuition for a semester i haven't even started yet! So now i am stuck in this *** school on my last nerve and my last dollar.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with one of my professors. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of student loan. Devry University needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Irving, Texas, United States #998879

I like how it replaced the word S t u p i d as if it were profanity, now it looks like i have a potty mouth.

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